Corrie: Shona confronts Josh over David rape

How will he react now his nice-guy cover is blown?

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Shona Ramsey is on the warpath in next week’s Corrie when she finds out the truth about Josh Tucker’s attack on David Platt.

Shona knows the truth (Credit: ITV)

After David flees from his solicitor Imran before he’s due in court over his attack on Gary Windass, Shona finds him by himself in the urban garden.

David is stunned by the news that Aidan Connor has taken his own life and it leads to him confessing the truth about his ordeal with Josh.

Shona is floored by his confession and tells David that if he won’t go to the police, he should see a counsellor but David is adamant that he couldn’t cope with the shame if anyone else knew.

David finally confesses that Josh raped him (Credit: ITV)

They head back to Number 8 but the police soon arrive and arrest David for failing to turn up at court.

Will Shona be able to keep her promise to David and not say anything?

She is unable to contain her anger when she runs into Josh on the Street and confronts him, telling him she knows he’s a rapist and that she will make sure he goes down for what he did to David.

Josh appears unruffled by her accusations and cockily tells her they enjoyed consensual sex.

Josh pays Alya a visit (Credit: ITV)

Shona is livid and spits back at Josh that he’s the liar.

Later, Josh is clearly rattled and decides he needs to build a defence for himself just in case Shona or David go to the police.

He thinks having a girlfriend will make their claims seem less believable so he draws Alya Nazir deeper into his web of deceit by calling round with flowers.

She responds by kissing him passionately and leading him to the bedroom.

She then leads him to the bedroom (Credit: ITV)

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Will Josh’s scheming pay off? And how will Alya react when she realises she’s being used?

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Coronation Street airs Monday and Friday next week at 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour-long episode on Wednesday at 7.30pm

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