Coronation Street plan controversial spice storyline

They're not shying away from the hard-hitting issues this autumn

Coronation Street have already revealed a lot of shocks and huge storylines for the autumn in their new trailer, but one surprise is that Summer Spellman will reportedly collapse after experimenting with drug, spice.

As Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw try to adopt her, the teen will be lead astray by Simon Barlow.

Summer is egged on by Simon Barlow (Credit: ITV)

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The Daily Star are reporting that Simon will find the so-called ‘zombie’ drug on the street and dare Summer to smoke it.

And, keen to fit in, she does so, with neither of them knowing exactly what type of drug it is.

Summer ends up having a very bad reaction, leading to her shock collapse before she’s rushed to hospital.

Billy reacts badly and hits Peter (Credit: ITV)

The scenes that follow reveal why Billy ends up getting arrested – he apparently has a confrontation with Peter Barlow and ends up getting arrested after punching him.

A source told the newspaper: “There’s also the matter of Simon giving her the drug, so there are going to be huge repercussions for the Barlow family too.

“As they are coming to terms with what’s happened Billy is arrested and it will jeopardise their adoption plans.

“Summer has been through so much and sadly it’s only going to get worse for her.”

Executive producer Kate Oates, has also teased a possible revisit to Billy’s drug addict brother. Could these two stories be linked?

Kate has said we’ll definitely be seeing a darker side to Billy over the coming months, and has suggested that it will somehow link him to one current resident.

Billy is arrested in new Corrie trailer (Credit: ITV)

She told that we have a lot to learn about Billy and his past. Do we even know him at all?

“Billy will discover that he has strong links to someone we know on the Street, and it will come as a big surprise. It’s part of a big story we have for him and it will affect several characters in a big way.

“Is Billy all that he seems?”

Billy’s not the only Weatherfield resident facing some dark times, judging by the trailer. We’re pretty sure that at least one person ends up in the grave Pat Phelan dug for Andy Carver, with many speculating it could be his own daughter, Nicola Rubinstein.

Who is Phelan planning on offing? (Credit: ITV)

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At one point, Phelan is seen tooling himself up with a gun, and there are a number of possible candidates – including Nicola who Phelan is seen shouting at.

Could their short-lived relationship really be about to turn sour?

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