Coronation Street: Mary’s sham wedding to Norris rumbled by her daughter-in-law?

This won't go off without a hitch

Corrie’s counterfeit couple Mary Taylor and Norris Cole have gone all out to win the holiday of a lifetime in a Mr & Mrs competition by organising a sham wedding day.

But when her long-lost son Jude jets in from his home in South Africa with his wife, Angie, and baby son, George, for the special occasion, the fake wedding suddenly becomes very real.

However, with wedding plans in full flow, Mary’s daughter-in-law is immediately suspicious of Mary’s true intentions when she discovers the nuptials will be an intimate affair with none of the happy couple’s friend’s in attendance.

Organising a prenuptial spa day, she bombards Mary with awkward questions, determined to get to the truth. Could the Taylor-Cole’s big fake day be about to be scuppered?

The Royals star Victoria Ekanoye, who has joined the soap as Angie, explains:

“Angie isn’t fooled by anyone… It’s not as much that she’s suspicious [about the wedding], she’s just observant because she is business-minded and savvy, so she picks up on all of these micro-expressions going on between Norris and Mary.”

Whether Mary and Norris say: “I do” and sign a legally binding contract remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, Jude, Angie and George will be sticking around on the cobbles for longer than the big day, when Jude decides he’s moving the family to Weatherfield.

Victoria says: “Angie and Jude moved to South Africa for a better life and now they have a baby, and she is very happy and content. [Moving to Weatherfield] wasn’t her plan. In time, Angie and Mary could actually make a formidable team but initially they will lock horns, leaving Jude caught in the middle.

“They are both very strong and opinionated, and usually say how they are feeling – so watch out for fireworks!”