Coronation Street favourite ‘to be killed off’ in horrific circumstances

An explosive end looms

One of Coronation’s Street’s biggest characters is reportedly set to leave the soap – Gary Windass is being lined up to die in a shocking explosion.

In scenes yet to air, Gary’s heartbroken family will be told Gary was killed while working in the Ukraine, according to The Sun’s TV insiders.

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His dramatic death apparently comes while he’s driving a diplomat, only to have the car ambushed and blown up, leaving no survivors.

Gary finds himself in the path of an explosion. (Credit: ITV)

The sudden death is set to leave his girlfriend, Sarah Platt, devastated, and desperate to find out exactly what happened.

“Gary’s mum Anna is told that he was killed driving a diplomat whose car was ambushed, blown up and there are ‘no survivors,’” a source claimed to the publication.

“Sarah is inconsolable when she’s told of his passing and everyone is desperate for more information from the foreign office to find out exactly what’s happened.

“The storyline reaches a climatic point towards the end of this year – with Sarah once again left heartbroken.”

But Sarah’s grief may be interrupted – as Nicola Rubenstein reveals she is pregnant with Gary’s child.

Gary and Nicola shared a drunken evening. (Credit: ITV)

The two shared a drunken night together that ended in a dramatic indiscretion, and both were desperate to keep things secret, and in the past. But with news of her pregnancy, that may no longer be possible.

Actor Mikey North has been playing Gary for almost ten years, after joining the show in 2008.

And it might just be us, but that seems a very long time to be just killed off off-screen – we smell something fishy.

Is he faking his own death because his PTSD has got too much? Or has there been a mix up and it’s not actually Gary who’s been killed at all?

Surely he has to be around to deal with the fallout of Nicola’s baby reveal?

Gary’s girlfriend Sarah is set to be devastated. (Credit: ITV)

In real life, Mikey recently welcomed his first child with wife, Rachel Isherwood, although the experience was almost as dramatic as an episode of Corrie.

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While in labour Rachel suffered a botched episiotomy, severe enough to almost warrant a blood transfusion.

“She was throwing up with the pain,” Mikey said of the experience. “I had tears in my eyes just watching.”