Coronation Street fans slam Adam Barlow’s new look

He's been for the chop!

Adam Barlow made a dramatic return to Coronation Street last night – complete with a dramatic new look.

The previously hairy lawyer who’s been holidaying in Tenerife since his split with Eva Price showed off a new close-cut hairstyle and beard.

Adam sported a new look (Credit: ITV)

Adam returned in the nick of time as vicar Billy Mayhew was in police custody after getting into trouble while trying to score more drugs.

The vicar has been on a downward spiral since falling off a cliff at Christmas and then getting hooked on painkillers as part of a twisted revenge plan on Adam’s part.

Adam was bitter after discovering Billy had played a part in the car crash that killed his mum, Susan, back in the early 90s and decided to teach him a lesson.

Fans might need some time to get used to it (Credit: ITV)

When Adam suddenly took away Billy’s supply of drugs, the desperate holy man turned to his brother, Lee, who gave him heroin.

But when Adam returned last night, he confessed his sins and promised he was now there to help.

It was his new hair that really got viewers talking though – with most fans not loving it.

Sorry Ads.

“Nooo my beautiful Adam has shaved his beautiful hair off in Corrie,” tweeted one sad fan.

“Ugh adam on corrie has cut his hair why,” complained another.

He returned to help Billy (Credit: ITV)

A third asked: “I’m not being funny but there has to be a legit reason why Adam from #Corrie has cut his hair. Why has he ruined himself like that?!”

While another said: “Can’t believe Adam on Corrie has shaved his hair off no no no.”

Luckily for actor Sam Robertson, not quite everyone  was against his new look. Loads of fans also thought the shorter look made him look 100% hotter.

“Adam looks even more handsome with short hair,” swooned one viewer, while another agreed saying: “I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Adam Barlow cutting his hair but he looks proper fit in it!”

We’re still on the fence here at Entertainment Daily, but we do think he now bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain Aidan Connor.

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Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV