Corrie fans horrified that soap is bringing Jim and Liz’s baby back from the dead

The plot has been described as "ludicrous" and "offensive" by ITV viewers

Coronation Street scriptwriters have been heavily criticised over plans to bring Liz and Jim McDonald’s daughter ‘back from the dead’.

The couple suffered a heartbreaking loss when they were told their premature newborn daughter had died on 2 January 1992.

Their journey through the grieving process had ITV viewers in bits – and many of them haven’t forgotten the devastating storyline.

The McDonald family in the 90s (Credit: ITV)

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And the news that the daughter is alive after all hasn’t gone down well with soap fans – who have accused the scriptwriters of rehashing old stories and, above all, being insensitive.

The news came earlier this week, when reports suggested that Jim is on his way back to Weatherfield with daughter Katie.

We’re told that the little baby was adopted and taking to live in Australia after a mix-up at the hospital.

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Hannah Ellis Ryan will play the long-lost daughter, who tracks her father down via his military records.

She confirmed she’s joining the soap on Instagram this week.

When soaps change a character’s backstory, it’s called ‘retconning’. Like when Dirty Den turned out to still be alive, and claimed to have watched his own funeral.

But this seems to be a stretch too far for Corrie fans, who seem to be united in their dislike for this twist in the McDonalds’ tale, asking the show to “reconsider” it.

One fan wrote: “I can remember the original storyline and how deeply upset Liz (one of my all-time favs) was. If that baby didn’t die then it is really appalling that she went through that. But I suspect Jim has something up his sleeve. I’m actually looking forward to it.”

Another said: “Please tell me this ludicrous rumour about Liz & Jim’s dead baby being alive are false. Christ alive it’s like the Dallas shower scene all over again.”

A third commented: “If true, this is not just insulting, it’s offensive. How many viewers would have suffered the same loss as Liz and Jim. The death of their premature baby, Katie, was beautifully told. You don’t wipe out those scars with some far-fetched, insensitive plot twist.”

Liz recently mentioned the grief of losing her baby daughter to Johnny Connor (Credit: ITV)

On Entertainment Daily’s Facebook page, fans were outraged, with one typing: “This is really a joke think corrie I has lost the plot one way of loosing popularity think I’ll find something better to do than watch this sort of .”

Another agreed, saying: “The soaps are trying to beat each other with more and more absurd storylines, get rid of the writers and get someone with a bit of sense.”

A third threatened: “Won’t be watching my favourite soap if this story line happens.” And another called the plot “very sick indeed”.

With the actress already cast, and Charles Lawson filming his first scenes as Jim, it might be too late for the soap to do another U-turn.

But they’d better watch out, as soap viewers plan to show their distaste by turning off.

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