Coronation Street fans heartbroken as David FINALLY breaks down

Will he get some help?

Since David Platt was raped by his former friend Josh Tucker, we’ve seen the hair stylist descend into violent rage and silent fury as he pushes everyone he loves away.

But so far, we’ve not seen just how sad David is about what Josh did to him.

In last night’s emotional episode, though, we saw how much poor David is suffering when he hid himself away in the bathroom and broke down.

David was meant to be playing a game with his kids Max and Lily, but after an argument with his mum, Gail, he was feeling overwhelmed.

As the kids wondered where he’d got to, David broke down, weeping in silence.

He managed to tell the children he’d be out in a minute, before he covered his mouth with his hand to stifle his sobs.

It was a hard watch for Corrie fans, who took to social media to share how heartbreaking the scenes were.

“Awww David,” said one sad viewer. “My wee heart is breaking for him.”

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“I wish David would get help. It’s heartbreaking watching him,” said another.

“Seeing David in tears last night and covering his hand over his mouth actually made me cry,” said another. “The way he’s suffering in silence. It’s so heartbreaking to watch him go through this.”

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Luckily for fans, next week an unlikely person reaches out to try to help David in the shape of Gary Windass.

Could he encourage David to get help and finally tell someone about what happened to him?

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