Coronation Street: Toyah drops a bombshell on Eva tonight as she prepares for termination

What will she make of Toyah's bombshell?

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Pregnant Eva Price faces an agonising decision in Coronation Street tonight when Toyah delivers a huge bombshell about the baby…

Eva was left stunned when she discovered she was expecting a baby – but there was a second shock when she found out she was further on in her pregnancy that she thought, making her ex, Aidan Connor, the baby’s dad.

With their relationship over, Eva has kept the baby secret to herself and has decided to have a termination without telling him.

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But tonight’s Corrie double bill sees Eva facing a new pregnancy dilemma when Toyah finds out she’s not keeping the baby.

As she gets to the abortion clinic, Eva is stunned when the Rovers landlady turns up – initially claiming that she just wanted to offer her support.

But it soon becomes apparent that she has an ulterior motive and the truth about why she is really there becomes clear.

Eva’s stunned as Toyah explains herself – and the mum-to-be is left torn over what she should now do about her pregnancy.

With the fact that she’s unable to have a child of her own, added to the sad news that her and Peter’s surrogate recently suffered a miscarriage, Toyah has good reason for encouraging Eva to continue with her pregnancy.

But there’s clearly more eating away at Toyah than meets the eye.

As Toyah delivers her baby bombshell at the eleventh hour, Eva faces some very difficult decision making.

Can Toyah’s words make the expectant mum change her mind about keeping her baby – or is her mind already made up on this one?

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Find out what Toyah’s baby bombshell is in tonight’s Coronation Street double bill, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm.