Coronation Street airing an extra episode tonight – and it’s a gory affair

It’s all kicking off on the Cobbles

Tonight viewers finally get to see the moment when Billy Mayhew confesses his guilt over Susan’s death to Peter Barlow – but just a word of warning… perhaps don’t watch it while eating your dinner.

In a one-off Thursday night visit to the Cobbles, Peter offers Billy a lift home after the pair attended the court to hear the verdict of Billy’s charges for punching Peter.

Peter and Billy are at the court to hear the outcome of Billy’s hearing for punching Peter (Credit: ITV)

As they leave the court, they inadvertently get caught up in a fight that’s taking place outside when both men intervene and break up the scuffle.

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At first it seems both men have escaped fairly unharmed, but it isn’t until they get in the car that Billy realises the lucky charm that Summer had given him has embedded itself in his leg.

Billy was heartbroken when he found out he’d inadvertently killed Susan Barlow (Credit: ITV)

Making matters a million times worse, Billy pulls the charm out, only to make the wound gush with blood.

Peter’s on hand to stem the blood flow and call an ambulance, but things don’t look good for the injured vicar and he’s convinced this is the moment he’s going to die.

Billy’s been a man on the edge ever since discovering his part in Peter’s sister’s death (Credit: ITV)

Determined not to take his secret about his involvement in Susan Barlow’s death to his grave, Billy makes a shocking confession to Peter.

Chris Gascoyne recently revealed at a Corrie press conference: “Peter takes his hand off the wound and watches him to start to die, but then comes back to his senses and puts his hand back on again.

When Peter finds out the truth about Susan’s death he decides he wants to make Billy pay (Credit: ITV)

“Up to that point, it’s just shock for Peter. He can’t take in what he’s just told him.”

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We know that this is the start of the huge Christmas Day clifftop showdown between the pair where Peter vowes to get revenge for his sister’s death.

Tonight’s episode marks the start of the big Christmas storyline between Peter and Billy (Credit: ITV)

Tune in to Coronation Street on ITV tonight at 8:30 to see just how he starts to put his masterplan into action.

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