Confusion over Benidorm “axe”

Is it or isn't it ending?

Benidorm’s series 10 draws to a close this Wednesday, and its creator Derren Litten has certainly ensured we all know about it.

Unfortunately, he’s also put a bit of a damp squib on the finale, after a tweet from him seems to suggest the popular comedy drama series will not be returning.

At least, this is how many publications have chosen to interpret it.

Derren wrote on social media: “Crazy to think Wednesday will be the last episode of Benidorm! I created the series over 11 years ago, wrote it, guest starred in it and ended up directing it.”

He continued: “It’s difficult to think what else there is to do! Thank you for watching!”

Adios? Muchos GUTTED if this message does mean that ITV is sending the show to the big sombrebo in the sky.

However, we are keeping the faith that Derren is actually just referring to the end of series 10 and not, like, FOREVER.

An ITV source has told Entertainment Daily that NO official decision has been made by them with regard to another series.

This is the same answer they gave last month after The Sun claimed the show had been axed, as Series 10 began – a story which was vehemently denied by Derren himself.

Wednesday’s first episode of the new series was watched by over 4 million (Credit: ITV)

Initially Derren poured scorn over the cancellation report, without outright denying it.

“Don’t make me [bleep]ing laugh,” he tweeted, suggesting ‘news’ of the axe comes with every new series of Benidorm.

He then seemed to take a more cryptic approach, paraphrasing Oscar Wilde in an apparent reference to the show’s future coming under scrutiny.

He followed that one up with an out-and-out denial…

The same report in The Sun suggested that Derren had been scooped up by the BBC to create another seaside comedy – but set in sunny Scarborough karaoke rather than Spain.

We’ll be keeping close tabs on what else Derren has to say in the next few days… and until then are choosing to believe we haven’t seen the last of the Solano, yet…

Catch the final episode of Benidorm on ITV, Wednesday at 9pm.

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