Confusion as Coronation Street shakes up its schedule yet again

Corrie? On a THURSDAY? Huh?

Don’t worry, your eyes are not playing tricks on you – there is indeed an extra episode of Corrie on ITV tonight at 8.30pm – right before I’m A Celebrity; it’s like TV folk don’t want us to have lives.

Corrie has been confusing fans quite a bit over the last couple of weeks after it was totally ditched for the footy.

Tonight’s extra ep is an attempt to make up for the lost episodes.

Robert and Michelle are still reeling (Credit: ITV)

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Anyway, you don’t want to be missing it because there’s loads going on.

Robert and Michelle are still reeling from the news that the lump on his testicle is probably malignant and he needs an operation to remove it asap.

Unfortunately Robert is still dealing with his shock news by sticking his head in the sand.

Will Michelle be able to get through to him?

Elsewhere, after last night’s bombshell that Dev’s new-squeeze, Gina, has bi-polar – she now has to face up to the consequences of keeping it hidden from him.

She packs her bags and prepares to leave – but will Dev let her go?

Is it game over for Dev and Gina? (Credit: ITV)

Sally is still fuming with her sister, even more so when an article appears in the Weatherfield Gazette about the Mayor turning her back on her bi-polar sister.

Sal fumes, believing Gina has sold her down the river – but has some humble pie to eat when it turns out to be Rosie who blabbed to the paper.

Steve gets a shock – and Peter gets a good laugh – when an internet dating app matches him with ex-wife and mother of his child, Tracy Barlow.

Steve gives Peter a laugh (Credit: ITV)

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Well, you can’t argue with science, Steve.

And Gemma wants to become the star of her very own Cinderella story as she tries to track down the mysterious and charming Henry -or Newt – she met at the party.

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