Sheila and Jenny in Cold Feet

Cold Feet: Viewers in tears over ‘heartbreaking’ scenes as Jenny’s mum Barbara dies

Another tough watch

Fans of ITV drama Cold Feet were left in tears last night watching Jenny (Fay Ripley) deal with the grief of losing her mum.

At the start of Monday’s (February 3 2020) episode, Jen and the others visited Barbara (Marji Campi) in hospital after she collapsed due to a cerebral aneurysm.

While doctors explained she would be kept in for tests and monitoring, as the first 48 hours after the initial aneurysm are crucial, the situation didn’t seem too serious.

Barbara in Cold Feet
Barbara collapsed after suffering an aneurysm (Credit: ITV)

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Jen suggested calling her sister Sheila as she would want to know their mum’s in hospital, but Barbara quipped: “Oh I know she would. There’s nothing she likes more than a hospital drama. But this isn’t one.”

However, Barbara’s condition deteriorated and Jen got Sheila (Sally Rogers) on the phone while Pete (John Thomson) drove her to the hospital.

Jen, fearing that Barbara might not last, urged her sister to speak to their mum one last time, holding to phone to Barbara’s ear as she lay in the hospital bed.

Barbara in Cold Feet
Her condition quickly deteriorated (Credit: ITV)

“Mum? It’s Sheila,” she said. “I’m coming, alright? Just… hang on in there.”

But when Sheila arrived at the hospital, she was too late.

Jen shook her head, telling her: “I’m so sorry, Sheila. She’s… she’s gone.”

Jenny in Cold Feet
Jen had to tell Sheila the news (Credit: ITV)

Reacting to the emotional episode on Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Tonight’s #ColdFeet hit all the feels in so many different ways, especially the ~complicated~ relationships one can have with family.”

Another tweeted: “Lovely to see so many people talking about grief after watching #ColdFeet tonight. It’s a tough topic but amazing to see a much loved TV show helping people to open up about their own experiences.”

A third said: “Last week I was giving so much praise to Barbara. Shes so underrated then this happens… was not expecting this… Poor Jen! She has no luck #coldfeet #emotional.”

This is heartbreaking.

Someone else wrote: “I don’t think I had dry eyes at all during tonight’s episode of #coldfeet!”

“Thank you for an amazing episode tonight #ColdFeet,” said a fifth, adding: “Literally in bits.”

“Oh Barbara,” tweeted a sixth, using a crying emoji. “What a bloody shame #coldfeet.”

Another emotional viewer said: “I miss my mum so much. This is heartbreaking. #ColdFeet.”

Later in the episode, at Barbara’s funeral, Sheila broke down as she stood at the pulpit and spoke about the wonderful summers she experienced with her mum as a child.

Sheila and Jenny in Cold Feet
Jenny stayed strong at her mum’s funeral (Credit: ITV)

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Jen got up from her seat to comfort her sister and continue the speech for her, telling those gathered: “My mum was… look, she was a good mum, basically. Which is harder to achieve than I’d reckoned on.

“Last year as some of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer. She said that no mother should have to go to her own child’s funeral, that she really wanted to die first. Well Barbara, you got your own way! But honestly, mum, thanks for that.”

Cold Feet series nine continues on Monday (February 10 2020) at 9pm on ITV

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