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Cleaning Up viewers brand bombshell finale “unrealistic” and “disappointing”

They felt the final episode sent the wrong message...

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Cleaning Up came to an end last night, with main star Sheridan Smith promising viewers a “brilliant” finale.

But her fans, who had watched all six episodes, weren’t convinced.

ITV viewers felt robbed – a bit like Sam’s victims (Credit: ITV)

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It followed a divorced mother and office cleaner who resorted to insider trading in an attempt to pay off her gambling debts – often getting herself into tricky situations.

Last night’s episode (Wednesday 13 February) began dramatically, as Sam had just lost Swanny and Graham’s £50,000 after her ex-Dave removed it from their daughters’ accounts where she’d hidden it.

To make matters worse, Sam had just been sacked from the firm she’d been stealing information from.

itv sheridan smith cleaning up
Divorced Sam with her two daughters (Credit: ITV)

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But things were about to get dire for Sam, as she was threatened with eviction as shark Swanny pursued the money and the mysterious ‘Nancy’…

As Sam’s lies caught up with her, she proposed ANOTHER scheme, persuading her pal Jess that they should set up their own cleaning business targeting places they know have inside information.

She also got Swanny and Graham arrested without implicating herself – and she managed to end up better off financially, too!

Sam spun gold from thin air it seems (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were annoyed with the ending, as Sam got away with breaking the law and even continued gambling, while many others accused the series of being “unrealistic”, “disappointing” and “unendurable”.

“Dreadful ending. Made zero sense,” complained one of many on Twitter.

Another disgruntled watcher tweeted: “I’m gunna have to finish watching it as I’ve invested too much time into it but #CleaningUp really is one of the most far fetched show I’ve ever watched.”

A third added: “I’m sorry to any people out there with gambling addictions who might have thought that this programme might help make people understand in any way when the ending on #CleaningUp is them all winning in the end and we know in real life that is not the ending addicts tend to have.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed with a series #cleaningup,” said another.

Speaking to, even Sheridan admitted she thought Sam would take a different path, explaining: “I was expecting a different ending.

“It goes on a lot of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. Mark as a first time writer has come up with something brilliant.”

Whether you agree with many fans who were unhappy with the ending, or actress Sheridan who believes it was “brilliant”, the ending certainly hinted at a second series…

But would you watch it?

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