Classic ITV daytime drama making a comeback

Our guilty pleasure returns

For many of us, the telly is the closest we’ll get to seeing a real-life courtroom – hopefully, anyway.

And since it started in 2014, Judge Rinder has been our go-to for daytime drama, as barrister extraordinaire Robert Rinder deals out justice to the great and the good of the UK’s population.

Some of our favourite-ever Rinder moments have included when, to truly understand the goings-on at a farm, he bizarrely impersonated a horse.

Credit: Facebook/JudgeRinderTV
The judge won’t budge (Credit: Facebook/JudgeRinderTV)

And we also loved it when the lawyer was bemused by text speak, and had to have the acronym “LMAO” explained to him.

So we were delighted to learn that the judge is coming back to our screens the way we know him best – dishing out chat about criminal cases.

Judge Rinder’s Crown Court is a brand-new show that’s coming to ITV this December, and it sounds like it’ll be a cracker.

We can’t talk too much about the actual content of the show just yet – but for fans of Rinder, it seems like it will be a real treat.

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We can’t wait to see him again! (Credit: ITV)

We’ve had our daily fix of Rinder reduced recently, as he explored other TV options – appearing on Strictly last year, among other engagements.

His normal 2pm ITV slot has been usurped by David Dickinson’s Real Deal – a great show in its own right, but with far less chance of the bizarre one-liners that are Rinder’s stock in trade.

He once leaned down from his lofty seat and said to a defendant: “I can smell a liar like a fart in a lift!”

And more than once he’s had to remind people in his courtroom: “When I’m talking… you’re not!”

In other Rinder-news, his team are on the lookout for Christmas cases – he’s looking for people who’ve been stitched up on gifts to try and get justice for.

Judge Rinder is on the hunt for Christmas cases (Credit: Facebook)

So it’s looking like this winter could be warmed up by several doses of the close-cropped lawman.

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That’s fine by us – he’s our favourite telly arbitrator since Judge Judy, and that’s saying something.

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