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When did Chris Packham discover his Asperger’s? Who is his wife and daughter?

The Springwatch presenter stars in the documentary The Walk That Made Me

Chris Packham reveals a whole new side to his life in the BBC documentary The Walk That Made Me, where he opens up about his Asperger’s.

The TV star, 59, is a presenter, photographer and naturalist.

He’s best known for hosting Springwatch, which he’s done for eight years and counting.

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Chris Packham talks openly about his Asperger’s in his new BBC documentary (Credit: Splashnews)

When did Chris Packham first learn about his Autism?

Chris Packham was first diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2005.

He was working with a therapist at the time, who also told him he was suffering from severe depression.

The syndrome means people can struggle in social situations and have difficulty with human relationships.

Chris said previously it makes him “a little bit weird”.

“I’m not a typical autistic person because there is no typical autistic person,” he says. “I experience the world differently than others.”

“I didn’t have a need for friends. Instead, as a child, I had an enormous hunger and thirst for knowledge about every living thing,” he adds.

Chris Packham wife
Chris Packham met his wife in 2010 (Credit: YouTube)

Is Chris married? Who is his wife?

Chris isn’t currently married.

However, he is in a long-term relationship with his partner, Charlotte Corney. They have been dating for over a decade, having first met all the way back in 2010.

Charlotte owns Isle of Wight Zoo.

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She previously told Radio Times: “Chris and I met professionally when he visited the zoo that I run on the Isle of Wight.

“He tells me now that he knew that day that I was The One. I had no idea of this, and at the time, I was with my ex-partner anyway.”

The couple live together in New Forest, and they have a pet dog called Scratchy.

chris packham and megan McCubbin
Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin at the 2019 TV Choice Awards (Credit: SplashNews)

Who is Chris Packham’s daughter?

Chris has a stepdaughter from a previous relationship called Megan McCubbin.

She is a zoologist, conservationist and photographer.

Megan has followed in her stepfather’s footsteps and began a career on television in 2017 when she hosted Undercover Tourist on the BBC.

In 2020, she co-hosted Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch alongside her stepdad.

She’s continued her co-hosting job on the latest series too.

What is The Walk That Made Me about?

Chris explores his past in his new documentary, The Walk That Made Me.

Fans will get to see him walk a familiar path in the Hampshire countryside as he delves into his childhood and what shaped him into the man he is today.

He also shares his insightful thoughts on Asperger’s that he hopes will help others.

Chris Packham: The Walk The Made Me is on BBC Two tonight (July 28) at 8pm

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