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Chaser Mark Labbett hits back as Road Trip viewers brand him ‘deeply unpleasant’

The Chase spin-off continued last night

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Chaser Mark Labbett hit back at claims he has come across as “deeply unpleasant” on The Chasers Road Trip.

The brainbox appeared boastful last night as he joked about having the highest IQ of the trio.

He appeared incredibly sure of his own cognitive abilities, scoring ridiculously high in a test that examined his self-confidence.

Chaser Mark Labbett with his colleagues Shaun and Anne on The Chasers Road Trip (Credit: ITV)

What did Chaser Mark say on Twitter?

He wrote on Twitter: “For those who don’t like me, that is your absolute privilege. I am a competitive egomaniac. I also absolutely will protect and support @anne_hegerty every time #chasersroadtrip.”

Some viewers had slammed him on social media.

One on Twitter said: “Mark is an annoying [bleep] #thechasersroadtrip.”

Another wrote: “Mark Labett coming across as a right big head on this road trip.”

A third put: “Mark Labett, deeply unpleasant.”

A fourth said: “Hmm, always thought that Mark’s arrogance was an act on The Chase, but it seems it’s actually his true character.”

On Thursday (January 28) evening, ITV aired the second instalment of The Chase spin-off series, which sees The Beast, The Governess and Shaun The Dark Destroyer Wallace embark on a trip around the world.

They’re on a mission to learn more about the nature of intelligence.

The episode saw the trio head back to the UK, after the US leg of their trip in the first episode, to test their brains against some of the country’s top child prodigies.

Chaser Mark responds to seat belt comment

At one point in the programme, Anne, Mark and Shaun were in a car discussing their performances against the kids.

On Twitter, one viewer claimed the way Mark and Anne wore their seat belts was “not clever” as it could lead to injury in the event of a crash.

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A number of other users ‘liked’ the tweet, appearing to signal their agreement.

Mark Labbett responded to claims he had worm his seat belt incorrectly (Credit: ITV)

However, Mark defended the show as he responded to the tweet, telling the viewer: “Producers INSISTED we sat that way because it made for ‘better telly’.”

Similarly, Anne chimed in and told them: “Also the seat belts needed not to interfere with the placement of the radio mikes.”

Producers INSISTED we sat that way because it made for ‘better telly’.

Mark wore his high on his chest at armpit level, while Anne’s wan’t over her chest.

ED! contacted the show for comment.

What happened on The Chasers Road Trip?

During last night’s episode, all three of the quizzers lost in games against young children.

Kids defeated Mark and Anne at Chess and Scrabble respectively, while Shaun was well and truly destroyed in a test of knowledge.

The trio also took traditional IQ tests, with Mark’s coming in at a whopping 151, Anne’s at 137 and Shaun’s at 96.

The second episode of The Chasers Road Trip revealed Anne has an IQ of 137 (Credit: ITV)

However, they also took EQ tests – scoring their emotional intelligence – and Shaun fared much better than either of his colleagues.

They also learned more about the role that sleep plays in helping the brain to function. All three admitted they really don’t get enough sleep.

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However, after a stay at a sleep clinic, they found out that, despite not getting enough hours, the quality of their sleep was good. That’s because their bodies spent longer in the deep phase, in which the brain processes everything it’s learnt.

– The Chasers Road Trip: Trains Brains and Automobiles concludes on Thursday (February 4) at 9pm on ITV

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