Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher on GMB

Charlotte Hawkins apologises for ‘annoying’ habit as Sean Fletcher calls her out

Sean joked she sounded "like a man"

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Charlotte Hawkins has apologised for clearing her throat on Good Morning Britain as Sean Fletcher called her out.

The presenters hosted Thursday’s show and Sean noticed Charlotte appeared to have a tickly throat.

Charlotte and Sean were speaking to Dr Sarah Jarvis when he addressed Charlotte’s cough.

Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher on GMB
Charlotte Hawkins apologised for coughing on GMB as Sean Fletcher called her out (Credit: ITV)

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What did Sean Fletcher say to Charlotte Hawkins?

Sean said Dr Sarah: “Have you got anything for a frog in the throat? Coughing…”

Charlotte said: “I know,” to which Sean said: “Sorry, no she’s not been coughing. Just clearing her throat.”

He joked: “Stay away from me!”

Charlotte said: “I just keep having to clear my throat, it’s obviously getting up early. I do apologise.”

Charlotte Hawkins on GMB
Charlotte said she had a frog in her mouth (Credit: ITV)

Sean continued: “You should have heard her in the dressing room this morning… it was like an old man.”

Charlotte Hawkins apologises

Charlotte said: “It’s very annoying isn’t it? I do apologise.”

Sean then advised Charlotte to have a cup of honey and lemon. 

You should have heard her in the dressing room this morning… it was like an old man.

She said: “I think I’d rather speak to Dr Sarah for that one.”

Sarah said: “Don’t use honey with children under one.”

Charlotte said: “I’m a bit older than that,” to which Sean added: “Just one or two years.”

Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher on GMB
Sean joked Charlotte sounded “like a man” before the show (Credit: ITV)

She joked: “I was about to say Sean how lovely to have you back but I might take that back.”

Meanwhile, at the start of the show, Sean was welcomed back after six months away due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Sean said: “It’s great to be back.”

Charlotte said: “Good morning and welcome to you Sean, welcome back. It’s lovely to have you here.”

Sean revealed: “It was February [since I was here], six months guys.”

Charlotte asked: “Where have you been? You’ve been a bit busy really haven’t you?”

Sean fletcher on GMB
Sean hasn’t been on GMB since February (Credit: ITV)

He replied: “Yeah I’ve been a bit busy and there’s been a lockdown. It’s actually quite nice to be at a desk.”

Charlotte continued: “It’s a bit of a different atmosphere. Obviously we’re at different ends of the desk.

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“It’s a new working scenario but it’s lovely to have you here.”

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