Charlie Dimmock chatting in a garden centre

Charlie Dimmock’s frank confession about her weight and ‘anxiety’ it caused

She's 'over it' now though

Charlie Dimmock once admitted her weight was a “cause of anxiety” during her younger years.

Speaking to The Guardian in 1999, Charlie made the comments in a candid chat, admitting she had a “rounder body than most”.

Of course, since coming back into the spotlight, the star has fallen victim to cruel taunts about her shape.

And it’s something that was on her mind in her younger years, she has said.

Charlie Dimmock chatting in a garden centre
Charlie Dimmock admitted that she felt anxious about her weight as a youngster (Credit: YouTube)

Charlie Dimmock on weight ‘anxiety’

Garden Rescue star Charlie admitted that she was an “awkward” child and “always a tomboy”.

When she was 16 her parents split, with the star admitting that “at that age you’re always a bit up in the air” when asked about the impact it had on her.

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However, she did lift the lid on how she felt about herself.

“I had acne, I was awkward, always a tomboy. I mean, I’m not much better now, but I’ve got over the fact of having a rounder body than most people,” she said.

I’ve got over the fact of having a rounder body than most people.

Charlie, who shot to fame for her bra-less work on Ground Force, admitted that it was a “cause of anxiety” for her in her younger years.

Speaking in the same chat, she admitted: “Well, sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse, but never mind. When you’re younger, it’s such a cause of anxiety.”

Charlie Dimmock smiling on Garden Rescue
Charlie is a firm favourite with Garden Rescue fans (Credit: YouTube)

‘To suddenly be sexy is ridiculous’

She also spoke about her bra-less days, admitting that she thought all the furore about her being sexy was “a joke”.

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“I mean, I was never one of the girls that boys went out with. I never was. So to suddenly be sexy is ridiculous, really. You have never been sexy before and it’s not like you’re Caprice or someone stunningly good looking,” she admitted.

Charlie also said she found the “fuss” about her not wearing a bra “funny”.

She admitted that people are “disappointed” when they meet her in the street and “a few” have told her: “Oh you’re not as big as you look on television.”

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