Chaos in CBB house as drunken Sarah Harding has a NIBBLE of Amelia Lily

Should she even be drinking, Big Brother?

We’re not sure how much food there is in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but evidently it’s not enough.

In last night’s instalment of the Channel 5 show, a clearly worse-for-wear Sarah Harding decided to BITE her housemate and fellow singer Amelia Lily on the leg.

The bikini-clad Girls Aloud star, 35, was hanging out by the hot tub following a session on the booze, when former X Factor contestant Amelia, 22, rocked up in her dressing gown.

Grinning manically, Sarah sank to her knees and that’s when she dug her teeth into Amelia’s limb.

Looking shocked, Amelia turned to the other revellers and said: “Sarah just bit my leg!”

But Sarah hadn’t finished yet, and moments later she buried her face in Amelia’s cleavage, shouting: “Motorboat time!”

Amelia clearly didn’t know what to make of Sarah’s behaviour, spluttering: “You’ve just got make-up all over my robe!”

She then offered to take her drunken mate to bed, so that she could sleep off the booze.

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Luckily, it turned out the Middlesbrough starlet hadn’t taken offence at Sarah’s antics, and she later defended her fellow contestant in the Diary Room.

“It was such a playful thing,” she said. “She’s really quite funny. I love her – she’s class.”

It was almost as if Sarah had heard the criticisms of this year’s CBB, with some fans claiming the show was dull.

One viewer tweeted this week: “#CBB is so boring at the moment! They need to liven things up.”

Another wrote: “CBB is boring this year @bbuk can you spice it up a little please?”

And one fan even threatened to boycott the programme, saying: “Probs gonna quit watching.”

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Well, those viewers certainly won’t be able to call last night’s episode boring.

Although some people still managed to find fault, with one or two fans fearing that Harding has fallen off the wagon again. The Berkshire-born star battled with alcoholism in 2011 after splitting from her fiance Tom Crane.

“Sarah Harding’s got problems. Not sure #CBB is an appropriate rehab facility,” tweeted one worried observer.

Another added: “Sarah used to be an alcoholic, this isn’t funny.”

That may have been what she thought when she woke up the next morning…