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Channel 4 leaves viewers divided as Gogglebox cast react to X-rated show Sex Actually

Some moaned that it shouldn't have been show - even post-watershed

Channel 4 viewers were left divided last night as the Gogglebox cast reacted to clips from X-rated show Sex Actually.

The series, fronted by Alice Levine, featured couples making money by selling their sex lives via webcams.

However, while the Goggleboxers watched open mouthed, viewers at home had a couple of different reactions.

gogglebox cast
Sophie and Pete watched stunned as Sex Actually aired (Credit: Channel 4)

What did the Gogglebox cast say about the show?

Pete Sandiford was seen looking on in disbelief, while sister Sophie got a serious case of the giggles.

The Malone family were seen hiding their faces behind cushions as they watched the show.

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Fan favourite Jenny, watching with her pal Lee, loved it, though.

She quipped: “Oh, just up my street, this. I love it! Come on, bring it on!”

gogglebox cast
Jenny loved it but Lee wasn’t so sure (Credit: Channel 4)

Gogglebox cast watch Sex Actually: How did viewers react?

It’s fair to say they were divided.

Some found it as hilarious as the Gogglebox cast.

“Gogglebox is killing me tonight,” said one viewer, adding the crying with laughter emoji.

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“Giles loves it,” joked another.

gogglebox cast
The Malones looked a little uncomfortable as they watched the show (Credit: Channel 4)

‘Kids like to watch Gogglebox’

However, some slammed Channel 4 for airing the X-rated clips in what they consider to be a family show.

One viewer said: “@Channel4 you have to realise that despite being after the watershed, it’s a Friday night and kids like to watch Gogglebox.

“Remember that.”

Another echoed the same sentiments.

“Why is there always a weird sex programme on Gogglebox when I watch with the kids?” they said.

“Don’t really want to see that, thank you,” said a third.

To be fair to Channel 4, the show does start after the 9pm watershed – and a warning about sexual nudity did flash up (geddit) at the start of the show.

gogglebox cast
Viewers felt sorry for the boys from the Baggs family (Credit: Channel 4)

Gogglebox fans ‘wanted the ground to swallow me up’

Others also admitted they were watching with their family, and found it all pretty embarrassing.

One joked: “Sat with me nan and other half watching Gogglebox. The sex show was being shown and she goes: ‘No wonder your dad watches this, he’s not getting any is he.’

“Just wanted the ground to swallow me up!”

Another quipped: “Well that’s me never watching Gogglebox with the parents again.”

Others joked about the teenage boys from the Baggs family, who were watching with their mum and dad.

“Those poor lads on Gogglebox watching Sex Actually with their mum and dad. The look of horror,” they joked.

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