Channel 4 forced to suspend filming on Child Genius amidst cheating row

Not on Richard Osman's watch!

Channel 4 was forced to suspend filming on kids quiz show Child Genius after a row broke out over cheating parents.

The confusion kicked off after mother Susan claimed that other parents had been mouthing answers to young contestants on Wednesday night’s episode.

A spokeswoman for the broadcaster said filming was paused for a few minutes while independent adjudicator Olivia van der Werff reviewed footage, but ruled that there had been no cheating.

Channel 4 said in a statement: “The independent adjudicator is satisfied there was no cheating taking place.”

However, she did give all contestants and their parents a talking to, reminding them to take the rules seriously.

It came a day after Susan herself was spotted apparently using hand gestures to signal an answer to her daughter, 12-year-old contestant Olivia.

The young hopeful was asked by presenter Richard Osman to complete the name of London bus stop “Kensal…” before cameras panned to Susan, who lifted her hand, while her father held up a “Good luck Olivia” banner.

Olivia then gave the correct answer, “Rise”.

While the spokeswoman said this was also deemed not a cheating offence, unimpressed viewers lashed out at Susan’s complaint.

Parent Susan launched cheating accusation (Credit: Channel 4)

One posted on Twitter: “#ChildGenius .susan helped her kid with Kensal rise gesture. But she accuses others of cheating.”

Another wrote: “Did nobody else notice when Susan gave her daughter that ‘rise’ hint yday and now she’s accusing other parents of cheating? #ChildGenius

Child Genius continues on Channel 4 at 8pm on Thursday.