Channel 4 confirm RETURN of First Dates favourite

The 'what happened next' segment WILL return to First Dates, Channel 4 tells Entertainment Daily

When a dating hopeful returns to First Dates it usually means their initial appearance in the restaurant went very, very badly.

Several lovelorn contestants have been granted a second shot at love on the show even, with the diner dismissed by his date during the meal and the young wrestler whose date snuck out while he thought she was powdering her nose living long in the memory.

But now Channel 4 have confirmed a different memorable feature of the programme has been given another chance after fans were left raging by its absence from last night’s episode: the ‘what happened next’ segment will return!

Sophie was keen to go stargazing with J… but did they go? (Credit: Channel 4)

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A spokesperson told Entertainment Daily: We enjoyed watching the daters in their joint post-date interviews so thought we would treat viewers to an ‘outtake’ round up.

“For future episodes the more familiar style catch-ups will return.”

Fans had been up in arms about the missing staple part of the show, presuming the catch-ups had been canned when excerpts from three couples’ post-date debriefs aired before the preview for the next week’s show and the end credits instead of the usual follow ups.

Adam was keen on visiting nearby where Mandy lives anyway… did he? (Credit: Channel 4)

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One furious viewer ranted: “Which wise [bleep] thought it would be great to cut that out?”

“#Bringthemback,” one viewer demanded, while another said the round up at the end of the show was the ‘best bit’.

Others admitted they were stumped at why the segment would be changed and insisted the pay off of finding out whether dates had progressed away from the cameras was vital for those watching.

There were even calls for the TV boss in charge of dropping the segment to be fired… or exiled to Channel 5

Claire wasn’t that fussed about meeting up with Stuart again… but confirmation would be nice (Credit: Channel 4)

… Luckily, Channel 4 have sorted it. We love you, guys.

First Dates is on Channel 4, Wednesdays, from 10pm.

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