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Expert cleaning tips for coronavirus protection from new Channel 4 show

Coronavirus: How clean is your house? shares all the information you need to combat the killer virus

New Channel 4 show Coronavirus: How Clean Is Your House? shares expert tips and advice on how you can make sure your home stays virus free.

Presented by Dr Javid Abdelmoneim an A&E doctor, and virologist Dr Lisa Cross, the show takes a look at two family homes in the Midlands, advising how to clean thoroughly enough to stop the spread of the virus and how to minimise risk when bringing items into your home such as shopping, deliveries and takeaways.

Channel 4’s Coronavirus: How Clean Is Your House? shares tips from Dr Javid Abdelmoneim an A&E doctor, and virologist Dr Lisa Cross (Credit: Channel 4)

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We all know that regularly washing our hands can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent us from passing on germs elsewhere but did you know that the virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours and three to five days on plastic?

When bringing your shopping home, Dr Cross recommends removing outer packaging where possible, for example, discarding cereal boxes but keeping the inner packaging and taking fresh vegetables out of their plastic wrapping and storing directly in the fridge.

In the first episode, Dr Abdelmoneim shares how to protect people who are more at risk from coronavirus with tips such as letting them use cleaned, shared areas like the kitchen and bathroom before everyone else and encouraging them to spend time in a separate room away from the rest of the household especially if people have left the home for work or shopping.

The show explains how to protect those at risk using experts tips and graphics (Credit: Channel 4)

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There’s no need to fork out on an array of cleaning products, advises Dr Cross, we just need bleach and soap and water.

Follow directions on how to dilute the bleach and wear gloves in a well-ventilated area when using. Bleach is especially good for high-contact areas such as light switches, floors and worktops – just remember to rinse areas afterwards as bleach is highly toxic.

Soap and water is great for cleaning children’s toys and washing dishes.

The experts also advise cleaning things you wouldn’t usually, such as the outside of toiletries bottles, and make sure you have separate towels for drying hands and drying dishes in the kitchen.

Decant food from packaging were possible or wipe down jars thoroughly (Credit: Channel 4)

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When you do go out, remember coronavirus could survive on the soles of your shoes for up to five days. Try and wear just one pair outside and leave by the front door.

Discard packaging

Change your clothes as soon as you get home. And put old ones in the wash as the virus could stay on fabrics for 24 hours.

There aren’t many treats available to us so if you’re having a takeaway don’t forget the packaging danger. Decant contents on to fresh plates or wipe down plastic containers straightaway, discard packaging, wash hands and enjoy!

Coronavirus: How Clean Is Your Home? is on tonight, 8pm, Channel 4.

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