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Celebs on the Farm: When does the series start as Kerry Katona and Linda Robson join?

The new series has moved to MTV

Celebs on the Farm is back on screens soon as a new crop of celebrities, including Kerry Katona and Duncan James, swap their glamorous lives for mucking out stables.

Kerry and Duncan will also be joined by the likes of Linda Robson and Lady C on the upcoming MTV reality show.

But what did they make of farm life?

Celebs On The Farm star Kerry Katona (Credit: MTV)

Celebs On The Farm: Kerry Katona

Singer Kerry Katona has taken on her fair of reality shows – and marriages – in the past.

However, nothing could have prepared her for coming face-to-face with a ram.

The ram we had to work with had got the biggest balls Ive ever seen!

The 40-year-old explained: “Oh yeah, the ram we had to work with had got the biggest balls Ive ever seen!

“We had to clip their nails. I just love the fact that we pimped up a ram and sent him off to play. I was like, ‘Now you all know how I’ve got three men to marry me!'”

Duncan James on Celebs on the Farm (Credit: MTV)

Duncan James

Singer Duncan James previously performed to sold out arenas with Blue.

However, the 42-year-old, who was brought up around animals, admitted his co-stars were just as entertaining.

He said: “There was lots of naughty innuendos the whole time, lots of naughty jokes and Lady C would be chuckling under her breath at a lot of them, which used to entertain me.

“She’s got a little naughty glint in her eye, which was nice. So she was all up for all the jokes.”

Loose Women’s Linda Robson (Credit: MTV)

Linda Robson

Meanwhile, Loose Women star Linda Robson admitted she loved working alongside her fellow farmers.

“There wasn’t one person that was a pain in the [bleep],” she said.

“That’s a rarity these days.”

However, Linda was stunned to realise how “hard” farm life actually was.

Lady Colin Campbell (Credit: MTV)

Celebs on the Farm: Lady Colin Campbell

While she may live on a grand estate, Lady Colin Campbell assured viewers she’s a “farm girl” at heart.

The 71-year-old, who has taken part in I’m A Celebrity, lives between London and Castle Goring.

I’m very much an indoor sort of girl

She said: “Although I’ve lived on estates for well over two decades, I’m not at all outdoorsy. I’m very much an indoor sort of girl.”

In addition, Lady C added: “But I am familiar with what goes on at working farms and estates and I love country life and country living. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been exposed to doing it myself because I havent.”

Shaun Williamson (Credit: MTV)

Shaun Williamson

EastEnders legend Shaun Williamson admitted the MTV series was a walk in the park compared to other reality shows.

“I’ve done a fair bit of these sorts of shows and I think this was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had on any of them,” the actor explained.

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“You never got the feeling that it was a bit Big Brother-y, like you were being set up. I never felt like that for a minute that it was something that could be twisted. We all got on great socially, we got on great at work, so we were very lucky.”

However, the “freezing” temperatures on the farm didn’t help.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer (Credit: MTV)

Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Meanwhile, Malique Thompson-Dwyer spent the majority of his time flirting with Lady C!

According to the Hollyoaks hunk, the 71-year-old couldn’t help herself when it came to a cheeky flirt.

Malique, 22, said: “It was nice to see some faces that I’ve seen on TV before like Holly and Montana, you know, Lady C, was my favourite though. She was flirting with me, 100%, Im not kidding!”

In addition, he shared: “We have the same roots. We’re both Jamaica descendants, so I just feel like we’re connected. She’s definitely one that I’ve connected the most in the show. She’s such a lovely woman. She says that she thinks that I’m absolutely wonderful, as well, so vice versa!”

Montana Brown (Credit: MTV)

Montana Brown

Love Island’s Montana Brown spent the summer of 2017 living it up in Majorca.

However, she’s come to learn just how “competitive” the TV industry can be.

Opening up, Montana, 25, shared: “I think everyone’s going for the same shows, everyone is hungry to get the same shows. Everyone wants to do Strictly, everyone wants to I’m a Celebrity, everyone wants to do all these shows.

“Obviously, the rate at which they churn people out of Love Island, its so competitive. That’s what was so nice about this show, there was no bitterness. Everyone was just happy for everyone doing well.”

Holly Hagan (Credit: MTV)

Celebs On The Farm: Holly Hagan

Meanwhile, Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan never expected to birth a baby calf.

The 28-year-old explained: “We had the birthing simulator and we had to birth a baby calf from it and it was probably one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had, actually.

“It does get quite emotional and you just think, ‘Oh my God, if that was a real cow, I would actually be able to do that now and I’d know what to do and I’d be able to do it competently’. I mean, who on earth is able to say that in their lives except farmers? It was gross and hilarious.”

In addition, she called Lady C the “biggest flirt” in the group.

Harry Aikines-Aryeetey (Credit: MTV)

Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

English sprinter Harry Aikines-Aryeetey also found working with farm animals tasking.

Just like Kerry, the 32-year-old was stunned by the ram’s testicles. 

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Harry explained: “We all had to get our hands on a rams testicles! Its ramming season so we had to make sure the rams were up to scratch before they met up with the ladies.

“I did not expect us to be grabbing a ram by the balls, but if that’s the task at hand, that’s the task at hand! We took it, we ran with it, and we just had fun with it.”

Cheryl Hole (Credit: MTV)

Furthermore, drag queen Cheryl Hole appeared to hit it off with Duncan James.

Speaking about their friendship, the 27-year-old said: “I’m surprised we didn’t get Duncan in drag on the farm.”

In addition, she commented: “We were two peas in the pod. We were like naughty school kids in the back of the bus!”

Celebs on the Farm on MTV: What’s it about?

Meanwhile, the new series sees ten celebs being introduced to day-to-day life on a working farm.

Each day, the famous farmhands will compete in a series of team and individual challenges, including sexing pigs and goat milking.

The new series of Celebs on the Farm was filmed last year and strict COVID-19 protocols and industry guidelines were followed throughout.

Brand new to MTV, Celebs on the Farm premieres early next month!

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