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Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Prue Leith branded ‘thick’ as she loses £48k

We all know the captain goes down with his ship!

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Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire? contestant Prue Leith angered viewers with her appearance on the ITV show last night (December 27).

Prue was the first of three celebrities to appear on the show.

She was playing for that charity Chefs in Schools, which encourages chefs to become school caterers to help children to learn to eat well.

And for a while Brits were pretty impressed with her performance.

prue Leith on millionaire
It was all going so well for Prue Leith on Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire? until a Titanic question came up (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire? last night?

Great British Bake Off judge Prue started out well.

She steamed through the questions with ease, racking up an impressive £64,000 for her charity.

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“Prue is so clever,” praised one viewer.

However, that all changed when Prue decided to take a gamble on a question about the sinking of the Titanic.

Host Jeremy Clarkson asked: “Which of these senior crew members on the RMS Titanic survived the sinking?”

She was then given a choice of four answers.

“1st Officer William Murdoch, Chief designer Thomas Andrews, 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller or Captain Edward Smith.”

Jeremy Clarkson on millionaire
Jeremy Clarkson branded the round a ‘bit of a disaster’ (Credit: ITV)

What was Prue’s answer to the question?

Prue admitted she didn’t know the answer, so decided to phone her nephew Sam to see if he knew.

He was unsure of the answer but told his aunt he didn’t think it was the captain of the ship.

After the call cut off, Prue opted to take her 50/50.

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She was left with two choices and, clearly forgetting that the captain always goes down with the ship, Prue took a punt on an answer.

“Captain Edward Smith,” she declared with confidence, with her heart clearly set on the £125,000.

However, it wasn’t to be, with Jeremy informing Prue she’d lost £48k and declaring the round a “bit of a disaster”.

What did Brits say about the loss?

Twitter agreed with Jeremy, with some branding Bake Off star Prue “thick” after her winnings for the charity shot down to £16k.

The captain goes down with his ship! C’mon Prue!” slammed one.

Prue Leith is thick!” said another.

The captain goes down with his ship! C’mon Prue!

Prue Leith is as thick as mince. The captain goes down with the ship you dumbo,” another agreed.

Prue, you absolute thickie!! Stunned!” said a third.

Prue Leith’s phone a friend: ‘It’s not the captain.’ Clarkson: ‘So what’s your final answer’ Prue Leith: ‘The captain,'” said another.

Think all that cake has gone to Prue’s head!” said another.

Prue didn’t actually seem too disappointed with her loss.

When Jeremy told her the answer was wrong, she simply said: “Oh well.”

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