Penny Lancaster admitted on Celebrity MasterChef that she hires a professional cook at home

Celebrity MasterChef viewers accuse Penny Lancaster of ‘taking lessons’ from private chef

She and Rod use a pro at home

Celebrity MasterChef viewers cried foul last night when Penny Lancaster admitted she and husband Sir Rod Stewart use their own private chef at home.

The revelation came as viewers wondered why she put in a good performance in the cooking show.

Penny Lancaster admitted on Celebrity MasterChef that she hires a professional cook at home
Penny admitted that she hires a professional cook at home (Credit: BBC)

What happened on Celebrity MasterChef with Penny Lancaster last night?

Penny, 50, competed alongside Nabil Abdulrashid, Melanie Sykes, Megan McKenna and Patrick Grant on the first of this week’s shows last night (Monday August 16).

Although Penny struggled during the banh xeo pancake challenge, she aced a fish dish.

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She told judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace: “When I first met Rod about 20 years ago he had a chef so there wasn’t much need for me in the kitchen, thank God.

“Rod likes the fine dining every evening, three-course dinner, candles and it’s kind of out of my league.

“So I kind of do the kids’ cooking, otherwise not really.”

“We’re very lucky to have a chef, so he’ll do the dinner parties because I want to have a drink and have fun with my guests.”

How did viewers react to Penny’s revelation?

It wasn’t long before viewers picked up on the fact Penny and Rod have a professional chef working for them at home.

One wrote on Twitter: “Penny Lancaster definitely had some lessons with her private chef before the show didn’t she [cry0laugh emoji].”

Another said: “Penny’s chef has put her into his bootcamp for this #celebritymasterchef.”

A third commented: “I’m sure Penny’s chef gave her a few tips… #CelebrityMasterChef.”

Megan McKenna aced filleting a fish as she appeared with Penny Lancaster on Celebrity MasterChef
Megan aced her fishy challenge last night (Credit: BBC)

Megan’s secret cooking skills?

Elsewhere during the opening heat, fans also wondered what was going on with Megan McKenna.

The reality star claimed that she was rubbish at cooking but filleted a fish almost perfectly.

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One viewer said: “Either Megan is a natural chef or she’s had a few lessons before this [think emoji] she’s smashing this so far #CelebrityMasterChef.”

Another said: “Megan and Penny have both filleted fish no bother like it’s easy!

“I could attempt it based on what I’ve seen on years of Masterchef, but there’s not a chance I could just do it like that.”

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