Celebrity intruder causes havoc on This Morning with impromptu visit

What was he doing there?!

Holly and Phil certainly had a lot to contend with during today’s edition of This Morning. There were arguments, marmalade sandwiches courtesy of Paddington Bear, and Bradley Walsh grabbing Holly for an dance session.

But at least that was all scheduled – unlike the madcap moment a friend of the show dropped by, completely unexpectedly.

Holly and Phil were doing a normal link to camera after an advert break, when TV chef Gino D’Acampo shuffled in from stage left.

The mystery guest sneaks into shot (Credit: ITV)

He wasn’t alone, as he was cheekily dragging a hairy northerner with him – none other than Celebrity Juice presenter Keith Lemon, who was waving sheepishly.

The This Morning hosts attempted to maintain their professionalism, with Holly using a schoolteacher-ish tone to remark: “Oh there they are. Look who snuck into the studio. Keith Lemon’s here.

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Then she gave Keith a dig about his appearance due to his hat and coat, saying: “We had Paddington Bear this morning and you look like him. You’ve come in as sort of a ‘street Paddington Bear’.”

Holly described Keith as looking like a “Street Paddington Bear” (Credit: ITV)

Keith then mentioned how sad he was to have missed Paddington’s appearance – a live version of the bear had been on the show earlier in the day.

Talking into Gino’s chest mic, as the uninvited intruder didn’t have his own, he explained: “I’m doing my Christmas shopping and I was passing so I thought I’d come and say hello – but do your programme, do your programme!”

The funnyman had to talk into Gino’s mic (Credit: ITV)

Phil then mentioned that the real reason for the unexpected visit was that Keith was doing a non-stop vlog via Facebook Live all day, titled: “Keith Lemon’s Day Off.”

The funnyman – along with half the crew – were in fits of laughter as he tried to sneak back out of the studio via the kitchen, where Gino was preparing a mushroom and chicken dish.

Holly and Phil took the interruption in their stride (Credit: ITV)

We thought it was great – Keith should pop up in the background of other shows! We’re thinking X Factor, or possibly the next series of Poldark.

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And we also applaud Keith for getting stuck into his Christmas shopping in mid-November. We’d have bet our houses he was the type of bloke to leave it all until the week before Christmas!

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