Jeremy Vine Gogglebox: Star shocks with outburst

Celebrity Gogglebox viewers stunned as Jeremy Vine unleashes expletive-filled rant

Don't hold back, Jezza!

Celebrity Gogglebox viewers were left shocked last night as Jeremy Vine reacted to a clip from Catfish.

Jeremy and his Gogglebox pal Snoochie Shy were watching a clip from the MTV show and it’s fair to say The Jeremy Vine Show host didn’t hold back with his opinion of it.

As a result, many shocked viewers took to Twitter to share their reaction to Jeremy’s reaction!

Jeremy Vine Gogglebox: Star shocks with outburst
Jeremy Vine shocked many Celebrity Gogglebox viewers with his outburst (Credit: Channel 4)

So what did Jeremy Vine say on Celebrity Gogglebox?

Watching Catfish, Snoochie reacted to someone wanting to move in with someone they had only spoken to online.

She said: “How do we talk about moving in with someone without having met them?”

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It was then that Jeremy unleashed his wrath.

“I’m glad you’re saying that because I’m an old person and I can’t say what I’m thinking which is what the actual [bleep] is going on,” he exclaimed.

It’s fair to say viewers were shocked at Jeremy’s use of the F-word.

How did Gogglebox viewers react?

Many were shocked by his language, but others thought it was funny and the “highlight” of their week.

One said: “Oh my goodness Jeremy said the [bleep] word!”

Another added: “Hearing Jeremy Vine use the F word is like finding a vibrator in your auntie’s sock drawer.”

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A third said: “Jeremy Vine Spurting out the F word.”

Another added: “JEREMY VINE SAID [bleep]!!!”

Another viewer said the outburst left their “traumatised”.

OMG @jeremyvine just said – what the actual [bleep]! I’m traumatised,” they said.

However, others loved the outburst.

Jeremy Vine saying what the actual [bleep] is going on? on #CelebrityGogglebox is my highlight of the week,” said one.

Another added: “Nearly spat my drink out at Jeremy Vine’s reaction!”

Jeremy Vine Gogglebox: Star shocks with outburst
Jeremy was on the show with TV presenter Snoochie Shy (Credit: Channel 4)

What else happened last night?

But Jeremy wasn’t the only potty-mouthed star on the show last night.

Nigel Havers also let rip – and his use of the F-word didn’t go unnoticed by viewers of the Channel 4 show.

“Did Nigel Havers just say [bleep]???” asked one shocked fan.

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