Celebrity Gogglebox 2021

Celebrity Gogglebox 2021: Iain Stirling baffles viewers with socks

Some thought he had sandals and socks on!

Celebrity Gogglebox 2021 star Iain Stirling left viewers baffled during last night’s episode.

Iain sat down with his wife Love Island host Laura Whitmore to react to the week’s TV moments on the Channel 4 show.

However, it wasn’t Iain’s comments which got people talking but instead it was his socks!

Celebrity gogglebox 2021
Iain’s socks caused a stir among Celebrity Gogglebox viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on Celebrity Gogglebox 2021 last night?

As Iain and Laura discussed the shows they were watching, people wondered whether Iain was wearing socks and sandals.

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One person said on Twitter: “I can’t believe Laura Whitmore let Iain Stirling on national TV with those socks and sandals.”

Another added: “Socks and sandals,” followed by an embarrassed face emoji.

Celebrity gogglebox 2021
Iain was wearing socks and sandals socks (Credit: Channel 4)

What did viewers say?

However, others pointed out  – as well as Iain himself on Twitter – they were actually sandal and socks socks.

One person said: “@IainDoesJokes I really thought you was wearing sandals and socks! However…”

Another added: “Just had to rewind Celeb Gogglebox to see if @IainDoesJokes was wearing socks with sandals but glad to see it was just jokey socks.”

A third tweeted: “I don’t think I can deal with @IainDoesJokes ‘comedy’ socks.”

Meanwhile, during the programme, Iain and Laura spoke about their first dance.

Love Island narrator Iain said: “Do you remember our first dance? I do.”

As Laura shook her head, Iain added: “Freedom bar…”

Laura then said: “The gay club. Do you remember the song?”

Celebrity Gogglebox 2021
Viewers loved Laura and Iain (Credit: Channel 4)

Iain replied, “No but I remember you kiss me,” to which Laura said: “I don’t remember that.”

Grinning, Iain added: “Yes you did! Yes you did!”

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Viewers gushed over the couple, with one person saying: “These guys make such a cute couple.”

Another added: “The charming @thewhitmore & the loveable @IainDoesJokes are such a ridiculously cute couple. They are clearly relationship goals.”

Celebrity Gogglebox continues on Channel 4, Friday June 18, at 10pm.

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