Celebrity Big Brother’s Jemma Lucy opens up about troubled relationship with parents

She blames their dishonesty for her rebellion...

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She’s known as one of the feistiest stars around and has had celeb spats with Katie Price, Kady McDermott, and – most notably -Sarah Harding and Jordan Davies on Celebrity Big Brother, but last night, CBB viewers saw a change in the star.

Getting sentimental, the 28-year-old revealed that her relationship with her parents led her to rebel.

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As a teenager, she was sent on a TV show called Brat Camp because she was so naughty, but her parents had told her that she was going on a “ski trip”.

Talking to Amelia Lily and Brandi Glanville, she said: “I kept getting kicked out of schools, they thought I needed to go somewhere to get fixed and learn how to be a good kid, so they sent me to this place in America.

“But I was told in England I was going on a skiing holiday. I got tricked 100% and lied to. When I got there I was like, you want me to be a good kid but you sent me here on a load of lies? OK, that makes sense. Not.”

The camp is America was extremely strict, and Jemma found it very hard to deal with because you couldn’t even hug people if they were upset.

She revealed: “Even if you say ‘Oh my God’, things like that you get into real trouble for. You’d get three days in detention, which was just sitting at a desk facing the walls.”

But what hurt most was how her mum behaved while she was away.

“While I was in the camp my mum went through my suitcase and threw away anything she didn’t like,” Jemma told the girls.

“She threw away my thongs because I shouldn’t be wearing them at 15, she threw away half my bikinis as they were too skimpy, she threw away my jeans because they were too tight.

“So I came back to my suitcase and all my stuff was gone. I was already angry at that, I don’t care if I’m 15, that’s my stuff.”

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Looking back now, Jemma said that her decision to cover herself in tattoos and piercings was as a result of rebelling against her parents.

Despite looking as if she has a thick skin, her childhood most definitely scarred her.

“The trauma I suffered because of that, I didn’t leave England for two years as I was too scared.”

Brandi couldn’t believe her ears, and said: “That is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard.”

Anyone who watched Brat Camp will recall that Jemma’s worried parents were at the end of their tether and desperate to get their naughty daughter help.