Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe causes outrage with provocative clothing remarks

She thought Ashley's dress was far too short

Ann Widdecombe won’t be borrowing any dresses from Ashley James’ wardrobe anytime soon…

The 70-year-old former politician made it clear on last night’s Celebrity Big Brother that she wasn’t impressed with the length of Ashley’s frock.

Chatting with Amanda Barrie, 82, in the bedroom, Ann said: “Ashley had her skirt up to the Lord knows where.

Ann thought Ashley’s dress was too short (Credit: Channel 5)

“When she came in with this stripey dress on and was standing with her back to me, it barely covered her posterior. I mean, honestly.

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“The problem is, if I wore something like that, and I don’t mean at this age, I mean when I was younger, if I had worn something like that, I would have been uncomfortable all evening, thinking was it pulled down?”

Ann was talking to Amanda about Ashley’s dress (Credit: Channel 5)

Well, some viewers felt Ann had no business commenting on what Ashley, 30, chose to wear.

One tweeted: “Ashley’s dress is fine Ann! Leave her alone! What girls wear is nothing to do with you or anyone else. As long as Ashley is happy with the length of her dress who cares how long or short it is.”

Another said: “As if Ann thinks that Ashley’s skirt length affects her in any way. So irritating.”

A third agreed: “If Ashley wants to wear a short dress then she can, and she looks gorgeous.”

And a fourth said: “Ashley’s allowed to wear what she wants, Ann.”

Of course, there will always be people on other side of the divide, and one viewer admitted to agreeing with Ann.

They tweeted: “Is it bad that I thought the same as Ann when I first saw Ashley in that dress?!”

Ann, meanwhile, was also unhappy about another housemate last night.

She was thoroughly unimpressed when Andrew Brady approached her to ask permission for Ashley to wax his bottom. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Ann was furious that Andrew even broached such an unsavoury topic with her, saying she didn’t find it amusing or entertaining.

Ann wasn’t impressed with Andrew’s remarks (Credit: Channel 5)

Ann vented in the garden: “That level of conversation is why I retire to bed early every night. It’s vulgar, tawdry, unnecessary, infantile, and it may entertain the people who watch Big Brother, but it wouldn’t entertain anyone whose opinion I respect.”

When Andrew tried to apologise, Ann told him he’d tried to “embarrass” her on purpose with crude humour.

Andrew later apologised to Ann (Credit: Channel 5)

Ann and Andrew hugged it out – but she warned him she wouldn’t tolerate that sort of chat again and that Andrew’s mum would be embarrassed by it.

“You are 27, not 7,” she said. “You should give up the desire to shock.”

Ann then told the Diary Room: “I’m not concerned with what’s happening, what has happened has happened. I can’t undo it and he can’t undo it, but in the future I don’t want to be exposed to that kind of thing. That’s why I go to bed early, to avoid it.

“I don’t think he understands his sense of humour isn’t universal and certainly isn’t appropriate in all company.”

Ann said she wouldn’t tolerate such crude chatter again (Credit: Channel 5)

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A fed up Andrew, meanwhile, told the rest of the house he wouldn’t self-censor just for Ann’s sake, and he wants to be genuine.

He ranted: “The majority of people treat Ann on a little pedestal. I won’t do that or conform to that, I think that’s wrong.”

Oh dear…