Celebrity Big Brother viewers utterly baffled by Ann Widdecombe’s bizarre dance moves

What would Anton say?!

Ann Widdecombe brought a few of her old Strictly Come Dancing moves to the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

But viewers were left feeling confused about just what the 70-year-old former politician was trying to do.

Keen to demonstrate her dancing skills, the ex MP joined dancer Wayne Sleep for a twirl, but seemed eager to give him instructions on how to do it right.

Wayne was too short (Credit: Channel 5)

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Yes. Ann was giving dance instructions to Wayne Sleep OBE, Vice President of the Royal Academy of Dance and patron of the British Ballet Organisation.

“This is not a rude comment,” she told him. “But can you actually support my back? Now this hand here has to really support my back, not my waist.”

Nope, not right for Ann (Credit: Channel 5)

Unfortunately for Wayne, Ann deemed him a bit too short for her needs, and sent him away to get Shayne Lynch instead.

Again, Ann told Shane she needed him to support her back, not her waist.

Alas, Shayne was deemed too tall.

Shayne L was too tall (Credit: Channel 5)

“It’s not bad,” mused Ann. “But I need a slightly shorter man. This guy is too tall.”

So, much like Goldilocks, it was time to try the third man and see if it was a perfect match.

Enter Shane Janek!

Shane J was just perfect… (Credit: Channel 5)

“I usually do this with dancers,” Ann told Shane J, as he dipped her backwards, “but that’s not too bad!”

Sadly for Shane J, the second attempt at a dip backwards didn’t go as well, as Ann winced in pain and said he hadn’t supported her back properly.

“You didn’t support my back, you came around my waist, which is what any amateur does,” she said.

Until Ann hurt her back when he dipped her (Credit: Channel 5)

Oh dear.

Thankfully, Ann insisted she wasn’t hurt. But it looks like her search for the perfect house dance partner may continue…

Some viewers compared the whole scenario to Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Others found it amusing that Ann’s brief stint on Strictly Come Dancing had turned her into professional – and she was even dishing out advice to pro dancer Wayne!

Even former Strictly pro James Jordan took a swipe, tweeting: “I love Ann and love the fact she did Strictly for 3 months and now thinks she’s a professional dancer. I don’t think she watched her dances back.”

Some viewers felt she was a bit harsh to call the guys “amateurs” when they were only trying to help.

Others couldn’t help recalling Ann’s own scores on Strictly…

Others simply found the whole scenario with Ann repeatedly thrusting her leg in the air baffling!

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The big question is: what did Ann’s ex Strictly partner Anton du Beke think?!