Celebrity Big Brother viewers disappointed after Emma Willis fails to ask burning question

It was Rylan who got an answer for us on Bit On The Side

Celebrity Big Brother fans were hoping Emma Willis would quiz India Willoughby on those photos of her with drag queens.

Newsreader India revealed in the house she has a “phobia” of drag queens and was upset when Andrew Brady was given a drag makeover by Shane Janek, who also performs as drag queen Courtney Act.

However, Twitter users soon discovered photos of India taken with drag queens at Pride Week last year.

India was evicted on Friday night (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Many viewers were hoping CBB host Emma will ask India about the photos during her eviction interview last night, giving India a chance to explain what was going on.

But although India was given the opportunity to discuss her phobia, the social media photos were not mentioned, which disappointed some viewers.

However, if those viewers had kept watching Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, they would have seen Rylan Clark-Neal bringing up the pictures and asking India for an explanation.

Rylan said: “We need to clear something up here on the outside, on your Twitter, a photo of you has surfaced with two drag queens at a Pride event, and everyone got really, really confused.

Rylan got the answer out of India (Credit: Channel 5)

“I want you to have your right to reply as a lot of people didn’t understand how you could be drag phobic if you’re in a photo with two drag queens at a Pride event.”

India replied: “I was just told about that and I know what photo you mean as well.

“I was paid to do an event last year and some drag queens were there. I am a nice person, despite what anyone thinks, and I’m going to be nice when people come up to me and ask to have a picture taken.

India insisted she does have a drag phobia (Credit: Channel 5)

“That’s all it was.

“I do have a drag phobia. It’s just something I’ve always had in me.”

Meanwhile, it seems there may have been a simple reason Emma didn’t go down that route.

Appearing on Bit On The Side last night, Emma acknowledged that India had seemed sad about her departure, and she just wanted to give her a big hug.

India admitted she played the CBB game wrong (Credit: Channel 5)

So perhaps, being a sensitive and caring person, Emma just decided she didn’t want to push an already upset India.

Emma told Rylan: “She seemed quite sad. I expected her to be much more animated and I think she’s really gutted to be out.

“I don’t think she’s putting a face on. I think she’s showing that she’s genuinely gutted to be out. She’s a super fan. like we are.

Emma felt India seemed sad during her eviction (Credit: Channel 5)

“I think it’s just a shame and I suppose it must be quite odd as well, because the Celebrity Big Brothers in the past, and one we are living right now, are very different beasts.

“Like she said, she’s just played it wrong.”

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Emma added: “I feel like she’d just turned a corner with that chat with Andrew and the 10,000 vaginas.

“I just wanted to see that. I wanted her to teach me everything I don’t know about transgender and what it’s like. I just felt like I want to give her a big hug.”