Celebrity Big Brother viewers confused by “unfair” new task

Not everyone thinks the task represents "equality"

Celebrity Big Brother kicked off its 1950s-themed task last night, with the men and women pitted against each other in a battle for control of the house.

The twist? The poor old guys have NO idea the women are secretly trying to beat them!

As far as the men are aware, they’re the “breadwinners” who have to go off to work in the factory while the ladies stay home to cook and clean.

But the men don’t know, while they’re at work, the women are actually sneaking off to work in their OWN factory, where they’re taking on the same challenges as the men in a bid to do them faster.

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Big Brother introduced the task by saying it’s all about “equality” and told the women that the team who do best in the tasks will win.

Fans questioned if the women had an unfair advantage as they knew they were competing against the men, whereas the men didn’t know they were in a race to do the challenges against the women.

But who knows, maybe Big Brother told the men off-screen that they needed to do their best and finish tasks quickly to win?

The first task was a cake decorating challenge: the men and women both had to follow Big Brother’s instructions for decorating baked goods on a conveyor belt before boxing them up.

It was the women who won, as they boxed more cakes.

However, the men won the second challenge of the day, which was having to sort recycling on a conveyor belt, managing to sort more items than the women.

So the day ended with 1-1. Bring on the drama!

However, not only do the women have to beat the men in the challenges, in order to win the task, they have to ensure the men do NOT find out about their secret mission!

And they have their work cut out for them as Shane Janek – aka Courtney Act – already seems suspicious.

Switched on Shane was in detective mode when the men arrived back to the house to find lunch prepared and the place spotless.

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He was particularly curious just how they’d managed to vacuum the living area so thoroughly when the vacuum cleaner doesn’t stretch from the power sockets to the middle of the room.

Move over, Sherlock!

CBB airs nightly at 9pm on Channel 5.

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