Celebrity Big Brother tears as evicted Dapper Laughs proposes to partner

There were emotional scenes after the triple eviction

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Celebrity Big Brother isn’t always known for its happy scenes, but last night’s show was full of tear- jerking emotion.

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Following a triple eviction that saw Andrew Brady, Jonny Mitchell and Daniel O’Reilly – AKA Dapper Laughs – all booted out of the house, viewers were treated to an unexpected sight.

As Daniel, the third and final evictee of the evening, sat with host Emma Willis to discuss his time on the show, he was joined by girlfriend Shelley Rae, who was in the audience to support her partner.

Shelley, who is mother to the couple’s one-year-old daughter, Neve, said that Daniel had been ‘amazing’ during his time in the house, and that she was ‘so proud of him’.

At that point, with Shelley already in tears and Daniel on the verge of crying, he got down on one knee and proposed.

“When I was in the house, every day I regretted that I never asked you, so… will you marry me?”

Shelley, crying too much to answer, could only nod when Daniel asked: “Is that a yes?”

Daniel proposed with a homemade paper ring that he said had been created for him by fellow housemate Ginuwine.

“Sorry about the ring, Ginuwine made it for me, but we’ll trade it in for better paper,” he joked.

Daniel went on to promise Shelley that he’d ‘double check’ with her dad later and she returned to her seat, too emotional to continue with the interview.

Emma Willis seemed just as surprised as her audience and she joked that Daniel had hardly waited for an answer.

“You shoved that ring on before she could even say no!” Emma laughed.

Prior to the proposal, an emotional Daniel had admitted to Emma that Shelley and his daughter had been on his mind a lot during his time in the house.

“I was down a lot because I had no idea how Shelley was coping with the baby and that was playing on my mind constantly,” he admitted.

Daniel, who entered the house with the intention of changing negative public perception of his Dapper Laughs character, also said that the experience had been better than expected.

“If the fee wasn’t so good I wouldn’t have done it to be honest with you!” he joked.

“Gob bless Jonny, he was up the first week, but I thought i was definitely going to be up the first week,” he said of fellow housemate Jonny Mitchell’s nomination.

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“It’s all about the women and you’ve got Dapper Laughs, probably the most hated man in the UK at one point by feminists.

“I hope I have just shown enough of myself in there to get back on my platform and use it for better things.”

As long as one of those things is finding a better engagement ring, then we’re sure Shelley will be pleased!