Celebrity Big Brother ‘reveals’ just why Ann Widdecombe carries a handbag in the house

Mystery solved!

Celebrity Big Brother viewers were left puzzled and amused this week when Ann Widdecombe was spied carrying a handbag around the house.

Just what

Everyone knows that when housemates enter the famous Big Brother compound, the doors are shut behind them and they are allowed zero contact with the outside world.

They have no need for keys, no access to mobile phones…

So many viewers were somewhat baffled over why former MP Ann, 70, was seen wandering around the house with a handbag on her shoulder.

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What was in it?!

Surely everything Ann needs is right there in the house?

Her unusual accessory led to much merriment on social media, with many viewers jokingly questioning if Ann was getting ready to pop to the shops.

Others quipped she was going down to the bingo, taking a tour of the house, or simply upping and leaving!

Don’t go, Ann!

Well, a show source has now revealed just what Ann carries around in her little black bag.

And, er, it’s really not that interesting, sorry!

An insider told The Mirror that Ann’s bag is packed full of tissues and make-up. So pretty much the norm, then!

Though, we still reckon it’s the first time any housemate has actually wandered around with a handbag on, rather than just keeping their tissues and make-up in the bedroom, a few strides away.

Speaking of make-up, a thrilled Ann was given a glamorous makeover by Malika Haqq and Ashley James on Wednesday’s episode, and was rather chuffed with the results.

Malika gave Ann a haircut while Ashley did her make-up.

After being showered with compliments from her housemates, the politician went to the Diary Room to show off her new look to Big Brother.

“They’ve both done a very good job, it’s different, it’s always nice to have something different,” said Ann.

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“I’ve had everyone giving me attention and they all seem to like it, and so they should, it would be a terrible insult to Malika if they didn’t.

“I’m very pleased. It’s quite nice to have the men wolf whistling.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly at 9pm on Channel 5.