Celebrity Big Brother housemate accuses India of ‘playing the victim’ in fed up rant

Patience is wearing thin with the newsreader

Amanda Barrie appears to be running out of patience with Celebrity Big Brother housemate India Willoughby.

The Corrie legend, 82, has accused India of “playing the victim” after becoming fed up with the newsreader’s behaviour during the latest task.

As viewers will see tonight, the Big Brother house has been transported back to the ’50s.

The men believe they’re the “breadwinners” and have to work in a factory, while the female housemates remain in the house and play the part of “perfect housewives”.

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But what the men don’t know is the women are hard at work in their own factory in a bid to show the boys they are equals.

India, however, doesn’t seem too happy about the challenge twist, claiming it’s “sexist” as the ladies are getting extra help from Big Brother.

She told the women: “I’m all for winning but it’s a bit sexist, I think.”

Amanda wasn’t having any of it and retorted: “It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s a laugh.”

When someone urged Amanda to let India have her say, Amanda muttered: “What is it now?”

India, 47, then explained: “I’m just saying that if Big Brother is doing our cooking and helping us in ways like that it’s a bit… but that’s fine. I’m all for women.”

A little bit later, it seemed as if India’s attitude to the task was beginning to grate on Amanda.

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As the women stood in the kitchen together, Amanda told everyone: “You have to leave [India]. She’s been a victim all day. That’s alright.

“She’s going to be the unpopular one in the house they all vote for. It’s probably a strategy so I’m not going with it anymore.”

A rather stunned India was seen being comforted by Ashley James.

India said: “Where did that come from?”

“Me,” replied Amanda. “That’s all. Don’t worry about it.”

India, who was the UK’s first transgender newsreader, has proved a divisive housemate ever since the show kicked off last week.

She’s now found herself facing the first eviction on Friday night, after being nominated by six housemates during Tuesday’s live female-only, face to face nominations.

India was nominated by Rachel Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Maggie Oliver, Jess Impiazzi, Ann Widdecombe and Amanda Barrie.

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Reasons for nominating her included India’s behaviour on the first night, when she claimed a bed that had been assigned by Big Brother to Ann Widdecombe.

Another reason was feeling India brings tension and rows to the house.

India will go up against Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell in this series’ first public vote.

CBB airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.