Celebrity Big Brother gets raunchy as housemates make rude request


Most of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates were complete strangers just two days ago.

But, with nothing to do but talk to each other, they’ve already become very well acquainted.

So acquainted, in fact, that two of them haven’t shied away from asking India Willoughby to whip off her top and give them a look at her assets!

Things took a turn for the raunchy overnight when Rachel Johnson and Amanda Barrie begged India, the UK’s first transgender newsreader, to do a little strip.

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It was Rachel who first brought up the subject in the bedroom, telling India: “Oh my God, you know what I almost said to you? Can I see your [bleep].”

Amanda then piped up: “Yes, I nearly did too!”

With them both on the same page, Rachel then asked India: “Can we?”

Declining to take everything off, India instead posed in her trousers and bikini top, prompting gushing compliments from both Rachel and Amanda.

“They are wonderful!” said Rachel.

“Look at your girls! Look at you! You must be very pleased!”

Amanda was equally effusive, saying: “Look at those! Oh darling, they are dear. They are dear little people. They are lovely. They are so sweet. Have you named them?”

Sadly the clip, which aired on last night’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, cut off at that point so we’ll be forever wondering just what the answer is!

India, who was born Jonathan Willoughby, had earlier spoken to Maggie Oliver about her journey to the woman she is now.

“I’m really happy. I know who I am now,” she said.

“When I started telling people it was tough for all those around me. For them it’s a complete shock and for my mum, in particular. She took it like a bereavement as her son was going to disappear, she would lose him.

When Maggie called India “brave”, she replied: “You are who you are. There’s nothing brave about that.

“The real brave people, for transgender people, are the people around them who stick with them and offer support as it comes as a massive shock to them.”

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Maggie agreed that any change is difficult and taking a “leap into the unknown” can be scary.

She also insisted India is brave, saying: “What you’ve done, there will be a lot of people in your position who maybe are frightened to take that leap, but you’ll give them the courage to do it.”

CBB airs nightly at 9pm on Channel 5.