Celebrity Big Brother break-in leaves housemates terrified

It's not the first time intruders have gained access

Last night’s Celebrity Big Brother triple eviction already had plenty of drama, but things threatened to boil over when two intruders broke into the house.

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Andrew Brady, Jonny Mitchell, Daniel O’Reilly and Shane Janek were all up for eviction, with Andrew leaving the house first, followed by Jonny.

As Daniel and Shane, appearing as Courtney, sat together waiting for host Emma Willis to announce the third and final eviction of the evening, Shane looked outside to his right.

Ashley James said: “Someone is trying to get in!” while Jess Impiazzi added: “Oh my God, help me, I’m scared.”

Daniel did his best to ignore the commotion as his name was announced for eviction, but Wayne Sleep repeatedly said: “Big Brother, there are people in the house.”

Shutters began to come down on the house to stop the pair of intruders gaining access, and Emma later confirmed the break-in on the show.

“We have to say, people watching may have seen somebody get into the garden, Wayne mentioned it,” she said.

“Just so you know, everybody’s fine. They didn’t get into the house.”

The intruders have been confirmed as well-known YouTubers Ryan Taylor and Ally Law, who often film themselves breaking into disused or well-known buildings.

This is the second time within a week that the pranksters have managed to gain access to the Celebrity Big Brother set, after they sneaked in and filmed Daniel talking to Ginuwine and John Barnes just five days ago.

There is speculation that the pair may have posed as security or construction workers as Ally wore a high-visibility top. Both men had cameras strapped to their heads to film the action, which they shared on their Snapchat.

Very little attention was given to the incident during the live broadcast, but many viewers questioned the apparent lack of security.

Some suggested that whoever was in charge of security should lose their job, and, after a second breach within a week, questions will surely be asked.

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The incident didn’t detract from another dramatic night of Celebrity Big brother action though, with three of the most outspoken males leaving the house.

It’ll be interesting to see how their absence affects the dynamics of the house and we can’t wait to see who’s next to join them!