CBB’s Shane gets truthful about Andrew after very blunt question from Wayne

Will it ever be more than a bromance?

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The will-they-won’t-they relationship between Shane Jenek and Andrew Brady appeared to tip more into the ‘won’t they’ side of things last night.

Poor Shane – as his alter-ego Courtney Act – was left devastated when Andrew said he fancied Ashley James, and would “smash” her.

This exchange was given even more poignancy due to a conversation Courtney had had with Wayne Sleep, earlier in the evening.

Wayne – who appeared to be rather sozzled – got straight to the point and asked Courtney: “Do you think Andrew’s gay?”

“No,” replied Courtney.

“Do you think he’s bisexual?” pressed Wayne, continuing: “Do you want his body?”

“Of course I do!” cried Courtney at the end.

Courtney went on: “I think him and I have a very special friendship. The thing I love about him is that in some ways we’re puppy dogs over each other.”

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“No no no no no,” protested Wayne, “You’re on top. Do you know why he loves you? Because he’s learning from you. Isn’t that lovely?”

Courtney carried on, saying: “The thing that I truly do love and respect about him – we’re not just in a club or a bar, we’re on television.

“As trite as this might sound, he doesn’t care what people think.”

With a twinkle in his eye, Wayne finished the conversation by saying: “The first moment of love between you two was when I saw sparkle on his beard. I thought… it’s happened!”

Unfortunately for Courtney, later on in the garden Andrew made his confession about Ashley.

He said: “If I think she needs a hug, I’ll give her a hug. And I would smash that. I’m not going to, because I’m a nice guy. But I would smash that.”


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This has seemingly put an end to any potential relationship between Andrew and Courtney, so the romantics among us can file that one away for now!