CBB’S Paul Danan launches into vicious spat at Jemma Lucy after she mentions his son

It's all kicking off yet again

Celebrity Big Brother’s Paul Danan launched into a vicious spat with yet another housemate.

Going head-to-head with reality star Jemma Lucy, Paul didn’t hold back when it came to dishing out the insults.

The row started after Jemma appeared to mention Paul’s young son, DeNiro.

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Sharing an exclusive clip on last night’s Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side it showed a sneek peak of the row – which will air on Thursday night’s episode.

In the video Jemma shouted: “What are you going to do?”

To which Paul leapt out of his hammock and hit back at the star. He said: “Are you going to talk about my son?”

Ex On The Beach star Jemma responded: “Well grow up then!”

And her comments definitely hit a nerve with Paul as he launched into a rant at Jemma.

He screamed: “Grow up? You’re the one coming out here making it a playground. You’re causing playground rows.”

Jemma then shouted: “Go in there!”

Paul hit back saying: “Look at the state of you,” before walking inside.

And Jemma wasn’t going to give up so easily. She said: “Look at the state of you mate. Sort your head out.”

Paul then rushed back outside to continue the confrontation before being restrained by fellow housemate Sandi Bogle.

He shouted: “Go drink your [expletive] drink. You [expletive].”

As he started to walk away, again, Jemma shouted: “At least I can handle it.”

Paul added: “I have got nothing to handle. I haven’t had anything.”

“Is that because you can’t handle it?” Jemma screamed.

Big Brother then intervened calling former Hollyoaks star Paul into the Diary Room.

But Paul was having none of it. He bellowed: “Why are you going so low? What have I ever done to you!”

Gogglebox’s Sandi then tried to break up the row and persuaded Paul to step away.

Jemma appeared to have the last word as she yelled: “Bring it!”

Paul has had multiple heated rows with housemates during his time.

He’s also clashed with former Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

After Sarah made a remark to her fellow housemates about former addict Paul being on medication, the actor launched into a furious rage at Sarah.

Ranting at the star Paul said: “Sarah, what are you saying?” Don’t you ever say that [expletive]!”

“I’m the one that’s clean and sober – what the [expletive] are you doing?”

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During last night’s show Sarah, who has appeared to be struggling throughout her stay in the isolated house, demanded to speak to her agent after saying she felt like she had been “lured into a lion’s den”.

But the 35-year-old received very little sympathy from viewers as she’s had several explosive rows with her housemates.

She told Big Brother: “If I’m happy I’m shot down, if I’m sad I’m shot down. I feel like I’m becoming more and more isolated.”

Speaking about her romance with Bachelorette star Chad Johnson, she added: “Only one person had my back which is why we got too close.

“If I hadn’t come here none of this would have happened, none of these dramas.

“Happy, bubbly Sarah is day by day diminishing.”

One fan wrote on Twitter: “#cbbsarah has made the worst decision of her life entering #cbbuk- someone save her from herself! Sad viewing.”

Another wrote: “#SarahHarding you’re making a mockery of yourself love. Sorry. But it’s not all about you.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.