CBB viewers furious after assault ‘joke’

Did Shane go too far?

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 was set up to highlight the differences between men and women.

It started with just women being sent into the house, followed by the men.

And many of the tasks have involved gender swapping or other tasks designed to create discussion about the roles of men and women in today’s society.

And with the house including (up until the first eviction, anyway) transgender news reporter India Willoughby, plus Shane Jenek and his drag-act alter ego Courtney Act, it seemed like everyone would come out of the house having learned a little something.

Andrew and Shane have become close in the house (Credit: Channel 5)

But an event broadcast last night led many viewers to question whether certain behaviour in the house was acceptable.

Shane and Apprentice contestant Andrew Brady have struck up something of a bromance on the show.

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But many fans are wondering whether their relationship is purely platonic, or if there’s romance there.

Shane pulled down Andrew’s joggers (Credit: Channel 5)

In scenes viewed over the weekend, Shane and Andrew shared a kiss while being egged on by Ashley James and Ginuwine.

But last night, Shane appeared to push the boundaries of their relationship – and also what was acceptable behaviour in the house.

As the pair were hanging around the living room, Shane pulled Andrew’s jogging bottoms down.

Then he went for the pants as well (Credit: Channel 5)

Andrew said: “That’s not cool man… that’s assault.”

Shane replied: “That’s not assault… this is assault!” as he also attempted to whip down Andrew’s boxer shorts as well.

Laughing, Andrew gasped: “You just ripped my pants!”

Andrew then put Shane over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift, and the two ended up having a pillow fight while giggling.

The pair laughed during the encounter (Credit: Channel 5)

However, some viewers believed Shane’s behaviour was way out of line.

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One wrote: “Looks like @courtneyact has overstepped the mark, surely Shane J will be on a warning for pulling Andrew’s trackies and calvin’s down = “sexual assault?”

Another said: “This is awful, not funny at all. Not ok to pull down someone’s pants…”

However, not all viewers agreed that it was assault – suggesting that context was everything and as Andrew appeared to be laughing, it was just banter between friends.

One said: “By jumping on this u r not understand victims of ACTUAL assault”.

Another commented: “Hope #ShaneJ doesn’t get in trouble with Big Brother over the “sexual assault”. I think both Shane and #CBAndrew will see it as messing around but Big Brother may not”.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.