CBB viewers express their concerns about “bullied” Sarah Harding

Ofcom has received multiple complaints about her treatment

This series of Celebrity Big Brother has certainly proved to be a fiery one, but viewers are beginning to get distressed by the way the housemates are starting to gang on Sarah Harding.

So upset are they by the way reality trash Jemma Lucy, in particular, has stirred things up and created drama that thirty-eight people have made formal complaints to Ofcom.

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In Thursday’s show, Sarah and Paul Danan got into a nasty row after he told some of the housemates that he was finding it tough not drinking alcohol.

During the conversation, Brandi Glanville mentioned that Sarah had said that he had taken a pill to help him sleep.

Furious that she had shared private information on him, Paul stormed into the garden to confront Sarah about what she had said.

What followed was a blistering expletive filled argument that left many viewers feeling very uncomfortable.

When Paul had marched off, Sarah said “he’s BLEEPED up”, which led to troublemaking Jemma saying, “you speak to people like that”.

Sarah hit back: “What are you coming at me for when you’re the one who brings it up in the first place?”

This last spat followed another one Sarah had had with Jemma the day before during a conversation with Jordan in the garden.

As the row gradually got out of hand Jemma called Sarah a [expletive] and made a spiteful allegation that she did drugs and needed to sort her nose out – this from the woman who’s face is swollen from surgery and who on the very same day was exposed in the press as sniffing a suspicious white powder in a taxi.

Ever since both arguments, Jemma, who is best known for having sex on Ex On The Beach and posing for paid for pics in which she tweaks women’s nipples on a beach, has continued to snipe about Sarah to other housemates.

And fans can see through her nasty persona and have taken to Twitter to vent.

One viewer called Emma Finlay said: “It’s so difficult to watch Jemma and Paul bully Sarah but makes it even more frustrating is everyone in the house is oblivious to it.”

Another, Jacqueline Crush, said: “Am I watching a different show than everyone else. What has Sarah done so bad? Nothing. Paul the drama king and Jemma the bully.”

A third said: “I hate people ganging up on the vulnerable and the whole mob mentality. Poor Sarah!”

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OfCom have confirmed they have received a number of complaints, saying: “We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate”.

Concerns have been growing for Sarah as the housemates seemingly egg each other on to single out Sarah as a victim.

Recent CBB walker Trisha said she quit because Sarah had remained in the house but she had based much of her opinion on the sniping of Jemma.

Ex BB housemate Aiselyne Horgan Wallace has revealed that before she went in the house, Jemma Lucy begged her to be nice about her in her column. But Ash says there is just no way she can be nice about her after watching her disgraceful behaviour.

“Jemma and Trisha are absolutely revolting. They are SO transparent with their jealousy of Sarah, it’s repulsive to be honest,” she wrote for The Sun Online.

“Every night I try to see another side to Jemma; I’m literally willing her on to change or be nice…. it’s not happening.

“Before she went in I wished her luck and said I’d support her. She asked me to be nice but I said to her, “Please be nice, so I can be nice about you”. Damn girl, why didn’t you listen to me?

“She’s hell bent on making her own clique and making all its members be anti-Sarah… anytime Paul makes up with Sarah, or Chad sits with Sarah, she throws a wobbly and gets Trisha to back it. WHYYYYYYY?! Jemma just stop????”