CBB star ‘becomes a dad’ with ex-girlfriend weeks after he demanded a DNA test

Not such happy nappy news for Heavy - or is it?

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Celebrity Big Brother star Heavy D has reportedly become a father… or has he?

The loud mouth star who appeared in last summer’s series with Stephen Bear has publicly said that he isn’t sure that he actually is the father of his ex-girlfriend’s new born.

Did Heavy D father a child? (Credit: C5)

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Bryony Harris posted a picture of her baby Rory this week, born ten days before her due date.

Bryony posted an adorable pic of her new baby (Credit: Instagram)

In the post, the YouTuber wrote: “My princess arrived 10 days early born on the 4/9/2017 wishing (8lb 3oz) at 15.55pm.

“Welcome to the world, Rory Robin Harris – my whole experience was amazing and this picture shows my first few moments with my daughter.”

Although she thanks her two birthing partners, she fails to acknowledge Heavy – real name Colin Newell.

There has certainly been no love lost between the former engaged couple after the split during Bryony’s pregnancy.

Heavy – Colin – wasn’t convinced he was the father and demanded on line a DNA test (Credit: Twitter)

When he found out about her baby news, Heavy apparently wasn’t entirely sure the baby was his and told fans on social media:

“Basically my ex who is seven months pregnant who says I am the father has basically just said I can’t have a DNA test, cant give me a reason why.”

Colin even said that he could do with Jeremy Kyle’s help to find out if he was the father (Credit: C5)

He then alleged that they had split up week before the ‘conception’ which makes him wonder of there was someone else who may have been responsible.

He argued: “If there’s nothing to worry about why is she denying me a DNA test saying I have to wait 16 years to find out. I may need @ITVjeremykyle.

“And she’s telling me I’ll just have to believe her. Yeh alright. I’m not the father until Jeremy Kyle tells me I’m the father.

JK producers were fast to offer the couple a DNA test to bring about some closure for the pair but Bryony wasn’t up for it and responded angrily.

Jeremy Kyle producers asked the warring couple to appear in the show but Bryony refused! (Credit: ITV)

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“I don’t need to go on Jeremy Kyle to get closure…,” she wrote.

“It’s embarrassing Colin has even contacted you guys.

“I guess this shows how desperate he is get back on telly.

“I hope you understand I have more important things to focus on.”

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