CBB spoiler: Ann and Ashley clear the air after prickly row

But is everything really resolved?

Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe and Ashley James have patched things up after their row, despite Widdecombe calling James “a bone-picker”.

Things got heated during a debate task earlier this week, when Widdecombe told James she had already spoken up enough.

Clips shared ahead of Sunday night’s programme show James trying to clear the air by explaining that she had not been trying to speak herself, but that she had only been trying to give their housemate Jess Impiazzi the floor.

“When you snapped at me, ‘You’ve already spoken,’ I was like, ‘Ann why are you picking on me?’ I was just trying to give Jess a platform to speak,” said James, conceding that she was a very sensitive person.

The politician responded: “I think you are, probably because you are sensitive, you are a little bit of a bone picker, and you don’t just let things go.

“I just let things go.”

She continued: “When people rub me up the wrong way I might snap at the time but then I let it go, I don’t bone pick afterwards.”

Looking unconvinced, Ashley said they should just “wipe the slate clean”.

Widdecombe agreed and suggested: “I think you should have a New Year resolution which says, this year I will not be as sensitive.”

“I’ll be a little bit more Ann,” agreed the presenter, but she replied: “No no. Be Ashley.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9pm on Channel 5.