CBB: Shaun Williamson evicted via backdoor – and he isn’t happy

He admitted he didn't like the way he was sent home

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There was shock all round on Thursday night when it was revealed one of the favourites to win Celebrity Big Brother had been booted out of the house via a backdoor eviction.

Shaun Williamson, a front runner to take the title from the start, had the lowest number of votes when the lines were frozen and was forced to exit without any crowds or Emma Willis to interview him.

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The star admitted to Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark-Neal that he didn’t like the way he was booted out.

Earlier in the episode, the evicted housemates had returned to cause havoc in the house.

Shaun had been given payback by Marissa Jade, who he gave a killer nomination to on the first night, when he was forced to wear a dog costume and bark to be let through the doors.

After all the hijinks of the day, the housemates were gathered on the sofa and it was revealed Shaun was going home just days before the final.

He gave an exit speech saying: “You come in here and you should be yourself and if that’s not what the public want then that’s not a problem.”

Shaun was then ushered out by staffers quietly, rather than heading out to the usual fan fare of applause and boos.

He did get to have his say on CBBBOTS which last night came to us from inside the house.

The housemates were all gathered in the garden where they wore ear pieces to limit what they could hear, while Rylan, Shaun and the audience were all in the living room.

Speaking to Rylan in the kitchen area, Shaun admitted: “It’s never nice to be the victim of some backdoor action.

“I think we all wanted to go out to the big glare and interview with Emma. You know what, I’ve seen tonight’s episode and I get it. Unless you’re in the thick of the action, I understand why you don’t make the edit.”

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He went on to add he knew he wasn’t safe when Paul Danan and Sandi Bogle, his two friends in the house, went. But he also revealed he was ‘overwhelmed’ by the experience.

“I know everyone goes on saying ‘if someone goes for me I’ll take them out’, I was given so much respect, particularly by the young people, it was overwhelming.

“They had so much respect for me, no one went out of their way to make my life a misery. I feel so blessed. And I got my own bed.”

Rylan gave the former housemate a glimpse of his best bits and made sure he got some sort of decent send off in the end.

Shaun also said he thinks Sarah should win because of her “journey” inside the house.

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