CBB housemate levels shocking accusation at Sarah Harding

No love lost here!

Last night viewers saw reality star Jordan Davies pack his bags and leave the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But during his exit interview the star spilled some secrets on fellow housemate Sarah Harding, claiming she and Chad Johnson have been “hiding bottles of wine” from their other housemates.

He also admitted he’s definitely not a fan of the former Girls Aloud star and said she’s a “horrible person” when she drinks.

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Speaking to Rylan Clark-Neal on Bit On The Side, Jordan ranted: “She’s lovely in the day, then she has a drink then she’s an absolute nightmare.

“Her and Chad were hiding bottles of wine, not looking after Derek, Sandi. Sarah never got Sandi a drink, Derek a drink, Helen a drink, then she was accusing me of hiding drinks. I was like, ‘Are you taking the [expletive]?’

“She cannot handle it. She’s just an absolute nightmare and a horrible person.”

And he wasn’t finished there.

Jordan, 25, continued: “She’s meant to be a role model but she’s getting [expletive], nicking fags; act your age!

“Also, this whole Chad Johnson thing is [expletive]!”

Sarah, 35, has found herself in multiple altercations during her time in the house.

The singer has clashed with Ex On The Beach star Jemma Lucy and former Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan.

Jemma has made it very clear that she isn’t a fan of Sarah and doesn’t like the way she’s been acting in the house.

Speaking with some of her fellow housemates Jemma revealed she thinks Sarah thinks she’s “better than everyone else”.

And all hail broke loose when Jemma hit out at Sarah last week as she stuck up for friend Jordan.

Jordan questioned Sarah over comments she had made earlier in the day about the different groups in the house.

But poor Jordan couldn’t actually get a word in after Jemma and Sarah flew on the handle at each other.

Sitting in the smoking area Lucy tells Harding: “You keep thinking you’re different to everyone else.”

The pair then engaged in a full-on insult-filled row, with Harding telling Lucy she is “two-faced” adding “look at yourself mate, I don’t shag on TV for a living”.

Sarah also ended up in another vicious spat with Paul. She had told housemates that former drug addict Paul was on medication.

Paul launched into a foul-mouthed rant at Sarah as another housemate tried to fend him off.

Ranting at the star Paul said: “Sarah, what are you saying?” Don’t you ever say that [expletive]!

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“I’m the one that’s clean and sober – what the [expletive] are you doing?”

The singer has also caused controversy after starting a romance with US hunk Chad.

The pair have been getting VERY close in the house and even locked lips with the US hunk before sharing a “five-minute cuddle” with him in bed.

But fans aren’t happy as they claim Sarah has a boyfriend on the outside.

“Sarah Harding: ‘I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend’,” wrote one. “Also Sarah Harding: kisses another boy right in front of the camera.”

Another viewer wrote: “I really feel for Sarah Harding’s boyfriend! I would kick her to the curb if I was him #CBB.”

The drama continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.