Celebrity Big Brother viewers blast show on Twitter with conspiracy theories

Apparently the only phone line some they could get through to was Sarah's (*X Factor flashbacks*)

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It might be the most controversial win in CBB history – and some fans are convinced there’s more to Sarah Harding’s victory.

Contacting The Mirror, one said: “Raging, I tried to vote so many times last night but couldn’t seem to place my vote. But tired Sarah’s line and was wide open.”

HMMMM *eyebrow raise emoji*

And on Twitter, the rumours were doing the rounds too, with one person posting: “#CBB 100% this show is fixed for her to win hahaha what a disgrace should be ashamed of your self’s scamming people’s money for phone votes.” (sic)

But other people thought Sarah’s win totally made sense, given Girls Aloud’s super-loyal fan base.

“The Girls Aloud fans are going to have hefty phone bills this month,” said one.

Another agreed, adding: “How did Sarah Harding win…. well, Girls Aloud fans are now old enough to pay their own phone bills, that’s how.”

And there was one more theory…

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“The only thing bigger than my shock is probably Sarah’s mums phone bill.”

Harsh. BUT Big Brother have released the stats to show that Sarah’s win was legitimate – she beat Amelia Lily into second place by 5%.

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And to be honest, it makes sense. In BB history, the contentious characters always do well anyway – we refer you to Katie Price and Bear and even Katie Hopkins came second – so that probably played a part.

The other theory is that there’s been a backlash against the way Sarah has been treated – with many viewers feeling sorry for her but keeping quiet on social media for fear of being trolled.

Celeb BB columnist Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace – AKA the oracle, frankly, on all things BB – agrees with this theory.

“Too many Sarah fans were bullied into silence on here… even I struggled but bullies never win in the long run!” she posted.

Earlier, she’d written: “I’ve had people attacking me on twitter because I dared to stick up for Sarah & remain loyal… it’s been rough. But revenge is sweet.”

Meanwhile Trisha Paytas posted a rant on her YouTube video called ‘Exposing Celebrity Big Brother!’ and revealed such horrors as Sarah having a bed reserved for her.

So what do we reckon? Legitimate concern or predictable conspiracy theory? Either way, what the hell are we going to watch at 9pm now? Hey Bake Off! Any chance you can start doing a daily show?