CBB bosses offer £350,000 to bag their dream housemate

This is one seriously huge pay day!

It’s that time of the year again when rumours about the next batch of Celebrity Big Brother housemates start to hot up ahead of the January series.

Although, let’s face it, is there ever a time of the year when there isn’t speculation about who may or may not enter the famous compound?!

Well, according to The Sun, bosses over at CBB are digging deep into their pockets in a bid to nab their dream contestant.

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And when we say big, we mean BIG with a rumoured £350,000 cheque on offer.

So, who is this celebrity worth the big bucks?!

It’s none other than Baroness Michelle Mone, best known as the founder of Ultimo lingerie.

Sadly for CBB producers, she’s not interested, with a source saying: “Michelle has told them it’s a firm no.

“While she loves watching CBB, she doesn’t think the House of Lords would be overly impressed with her going into the other house.

“It doesn’t exactly scream serious businesswoman and peer.”

Ah well, we’re sure there will be no shortage of celebrities who are willing to sign up!

It was recently reported bosses were considering a rather radical ‘shock’ twist for 2018 – casting an all-female series.

Could Emma be presiding over an all-female house? [Credit: Channel 5]

A source told The Sun the women-only series of CBB would be to coincide with programming to mark the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage.

The insider snitched: “They are keen to cast opinionated women like Germaine Greer over no-mark reality TV girls who look good but have little to say or bring to the conversation.

“Bosses are expecting cat fights galore, plenty of tension and clashing personalities.”

Though, we reckon the whole not casting “no-mark reality TV girls” would be the major twist!

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If the rumour is true, it wouldn’t be the first time Big Brother experimented with an all-female house.

A twist during the Big Brother 8 launch night saw just women entering the house, with the male housemates arriving here and there from day three onwards.

But a whole three or so weeks with just women? That would be a major change!

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