Catherine Tyldesley hints Corrie viewers might turn on Eva Price after wedding drama

She's given the lowdown on explosive wedding drama

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Catherine Tyldesley has suggested Coronation Street viewers may not be Team Eva as her current explosive storyline develops.

The soap actress, who plays Eva Price on the cobbles, has cryptically hinted that things could change as the fallout from Eva and Aidan Connor’s (Shayne Ward) rather disastrous wedding continues.

Catherine was on Lorraine on Tuesday to spill the beans on Eva’s wedding [Credit: ITV]

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Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine about the reaction to the storyline, she said: “Shayne’s had it quite tough, I think.

“He’s had a lot of people collaring him in the supermarket but everyone has been nice to me so far.

“Everyone is quite Team Eva – that could change, we’ll see!”


Catherine, 34, kept tight-lipped on just what she meant by that cryptic comment, which came the morning after Corrie viewers watched Eva and Aidan’s wedding dissolve into chaos.

Eva and Aidan’s dream wedding didn’t exactly go to plan [Credit: ITV]

Before the couple even walked down the aisle trouble was brewing, after Aidan shocked Eva by confessing that he’d cheated.

Although Eva was well aware of his indiscretions, his decision to come clean on their wedding day threw her, and she ended up in tears wondering what to do next.

He stunned Eva by confessing to his infidelity [Credit: ITV]

After deciding that she would go ahead with the wedding and ditch plans for revenge, everything went wrong when Aidan’s other woman Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) stormed into the ceremony to ruin everything.

Maria dropped the bombshell that Eva’s been faking her pregnancy – leaving a stunned Aidan pleading with Eva to say that wasn’t true and the episode ending on a cliffhanger as to what happens next.

Maria stormed in to ruin the ceremony [Credit: ITV]

Cath told Lorraine: “As soon as I got the script, each page I turned I was like, ‘Oh no, oh no, oh no!’ It was fantastic and intense to film but I absolutely loved every second.”

“Eva doesn’t think about consequences,” added Catherine. “She never has done. She’s very childlike, like that. Once she has something in her mind she’s going to go for it.”

A shocked Aidan demanded to know if Eva was really pregnant [Credit: ITV]

Catherine said Aidan’s decision to come clean about his cheating was a “complete game changer” for Eva, adding: “She loves him, even when she hated him, she loved him.”

She said of the storyline: “I can’t thank the Corrie team enough – the producer, writers – it’s been phenomenal.

“It’s been such a gift, I’m really grateful.”

Cath said she was grateful to be part of such a juicy storyline [Credit: ITV]

Catherine also revealed in the interview that fans can expect to see some new faces on set when Corrie goes six days a week, saying: “There are new characters coming in and they have some amazing ideas so it’s really exciting times for everyone there.”

Away from the set, Catherine is happily married to fitness trainer husband Tom Pitfield and mum to son Alfie, two.

“I’ve come to terms with the fact there is work-life balance,” she joked.

Instagram @auntiecath
She’s a proud mum to son Alfie [Credit: Instagram @auntiecath]

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“I tried for a long time but there isn’t one! There are just ups and downs the whole time. Sometimes you’re really busy with work, other times you’re a full-time mummy.”

Catherine also revealed Alfie watches Corrie – and even “grasses her up” for snogging on screen!

“The other night Tom walked in and Alfie went, ‘Daddy, mummy’s kissing Shayne!'” she recalled.